Yum Peaceful Cooking: You Can't Beat BakeSpace!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

You Can't Beat BakeSpace!!

Have I ever told you about how I got involved with BakeSpace? No? Well....have a glass of wine, sit down and I'll tell you about it. Why? Because if you're going to Vote for BakeSpace to win the Webby....you really need to know why!

I have always been interested in cooking (not so much baking, but some). My grandmothers, mom, aunts, sisters....we're all very much into making good food and enjoying it. I was never afraid to try new things (within reason....no chocolate covered bugs, thank you very much). One morning, back in 2007, I was watching the news and Curt the Cyberguy did a feature on BakeSpace (click here to see the segment that got me hooked!) I thought it was the coolest thing ever.....to be able to connect with someone in another country and get an authentic recipe right from the source! OMG! I had to join.

Its kinda like a myspace for people who love to cook. You set up your home page, aka "kitchen", Post your recipes...browse around and see other peoples recipes. Make comments about the recipes.....become friends with others who have recipes you really like. What a thrill it was to have my first "comment" about one of my recipes! (ya..huge ego booster!!)

I played around with it for about a year and then decided to venture over to the "other" side of BakeSpace. (gasp!!!) Umm...if you're not ready for an addiction....do not enter! What is this "other" side? Well....it's a forum with several categories. Not all relating to food...but where all the people come together because of their relation to food. This is where BakeSpace is unique. There are a ton of great recipe sites out there....but not a single one can hold a candle to the "community" of BakeSpace. What a great group of people. Seriously. You have every range, every level, every personality type all intermingling at some level. If you feel intimidated, then its in your own mind...cuz there isn't a single person in there who would purposely make you feel inadequate. We have lots of smart asses (yours truely included)...but that's all in fun...and let me tell you...we have a whole lot fun!

Anyways...it didn't take me long to feel right at home and part of the community. If I have a question....someone has an answer. I swear...if I didn't know how to boil an egg, someone would help. If I need personal advice...they are right there to support and help, any way they can. If I need inspiration for dinner....oh man...that comes in abundance! Don't know how to bake a cupcake? Covered! Don't know how to bake bread? Choose a brain to pick! Don't know what to serve with your pork tenderloin? Get ready for lots of recipes and links coming your way. What better way to learn, then by someone who has been doing it all their lives and / or with a great passion! We have cooking babies and cooking grandmas (and grandpas)....and everything in between. I love it!

Now....quit himmin and hawin, get off your tush and vote for BakeSpace so "we" can win the Webby!! Whats a Webby? It's like the internet version of the Oscars! How great would it be for a grassroots, female owned and opporated, community oriented website to win?! Here's a little blurb about how its done, by our very own Babette (owner of BakeSpace):

Now we need your help to vote for us in the People's Choice Awards in our category of Social Networking.. Here's what you need to do:

Go to: http://pv.webbyawards.com/

Click on Grey button that says register now.. they need you to register so they can count your vote once. Click save and then confirm your email (they will send you an email message to make sure you're legit... it keeps us honest)

My validation email went into my JUNK folder so check that folder because it's almost immediate that you get your email. Click on the validation link and that will take you back to the website.

I had some trouble with the activation link (gave me an error message) but I could still log in if I went back to the site. You get a second email that says you're ready and validated and can vote.

Once in the system, we're in the first section of the page.. click on social networking and vote for BakeSpace - we're the top of the list. So far we're in the lead, but that's probably because of my vote. Smile YOU can keep us there. Voting ends April 30th so please do it today! Thanks!

GO BAKESPACE!!! my home within my home :)


  1. WOW! This made my day... :) I will be sharing this with our community & on the "other" places.. :)

  2. LMAO Bob.. Too funny...
    Great idea Danielle...!!! I emailed a bunch of people, but they are all lax about checking emails so who knows... I suppose I should do a "My Story" too... LOL

  3. Babs - glad I was able to make your day :)

    Bob - you're almost as much of a smart ass as I am LOL

    Shane - I would totally love to hear your story. there's only so much we can do to get votes...friends, family, facebook, twitter...I would really love to see BakeSpace win this one so I figured it wouldn't hurt to blog about it. :)

  4. Danielle,
    Next thing we know you'll be Babs PR person! Very nice job.
    Hey, my friend's husband is a photojournalist. He knows EVERYBODAAAY! I'll ask him how he can get the word out to vote for BAKESPACE. Now...I feel useful!:)
    Later girl,
    BAKING is my ZeN

  5. Carmen - Way to go! I think you'd make a better PR person, especially if you can pull off something with your photojournalist friend! woo hoo!

  6. Hi Danielle, great post! I guess I better hangout in the forums more often! Wow! Oh, I already voted, too.

  7. Hey Billie!!! yes you should totally hang out in the forums. You can usually find me in "Happy Hour" and the daily dinner thread thats posted in "Food / Recipe Discussion". I have met some of the greatest people in there. :)


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