Yum Peaceful Cooking: December 2015

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Slow Cooker Chili #StubbsCookingSauce

The holidays are here and time is precious. We have shopping to do, parties to attend and families to feed. This is the best time of year to break out the trusty ole slow cook (aka crock pot if you wanna get all old school on me).

This is where Stubb's BBQ can be your best friend. I know you're familiar with their bbq sauces, but did you know they also have Cooking Sauces?!

This is just 3 of the varieties that they offer. Look how cute the packaging is!!

The chili pack came with everything I needed, but the meat. Of course you can add extras, such as peppers, onions, whatever your favorite add-ins might be. I chose to keep it simple, although I did brown my stew meat before hand, and then added some onions.

After that, it was all up to Stubb! Pour in the spice pack (it's really spicy, just so you know) and the sauce

Can you see how rich those spices are?! And for those who need to know, it's gluten-free. 

With only a minimal amount of prep time, and 2 additional ingredients, I had a nice pot of chili waiting for me when I got home. Threw together some cornbread (I can't have chili without cornbread) and bam! Dinner is served. 

Let me just say.....wow. Rich, flavorful, and satisfying! It was better than any pot of chili I've ever made (for reals). 

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I was not compensated for this post, however Stubb's BBQ supplied me with coupons. All opinions are my own.