Yum Peaceful Cooking: Country Style Pork.....?? I thought they were suppose to be Ribs

Monday, April 20, 2009

Country Style Pork.....?? I thought they were suppose to be Ribs

Usually when you get a bunch of meat that says Country Style Ribs (pork or beef) that means that you're getting these long, thick strips of boneless meat, that resemble ribs but you don't have to tackle the thing for 10 minutes trying to get a bite-full of meat. I like ribs. Sometimes. I mean...I love the flavor but I don't enjoy picking half the meat I struggled to get in the first place out of my teeth for the next several hours. It's a love hate thing....so when I discovered these Country Style (wanna be) Ribs...I was so excited!

But this last batch of Country Style Pork Ribs were not what I'm use to getting at all. They were in odd shapes and had some pretty intimidating, sharp, ancient weapon resembling bones in them. Hmm... O'well....meat is meat. They were already defrosted and it was too late to turn back now....so, if they wanted to pretend they were ribs, well then, I could play along with that game. Besides...when you add a bunch of BBQ Sauce....who cares, right?

I've made ribs a few different ways but since we didn't have the bbq set up for the summer yet, this was my go-to, general, easy method. I filled a big pot full of water, plopped in the meat and dumped a bunch of seasonings in the water. Can't say that I measured a single thing, but I will try and give you a guess-timate:

1 or 2 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper?
2 or more tsp garlic powder (probably more...lots more)
1 tsp onion powder
and the newest addition to my spice cupboard....(drum roll please.....)
1 tsp or so of... BACON  SALT, Peppered (whistles, claps....standing ovation and lit lighters swaying through the air)


I brought the pot to a boil then lowered heat so that it simmered a good hour (as opposed to a bad hour? what the hell is a "good hour"?). When the meat was tender and just about falling apart, I removed it from the pot and put it into one of those aluminum roasting pans (dishes didn't appeal to me that day and I still had one left over from the Easter Prime Rib....the pans are sold in a set of two...for what ever reason). Then...I smothered those suckers with tons of BBQ sauce and stuck them in the oven.

I put the oven on a really high heat....450' F I think. I probably should've set it to broiling but I must not have been thinking. I kept an eye on the meat to make sure it didn't burn. Probably could've kept it in a bit longer but everyone was hungry and whining so I took them out sooner than I would've preferred. I tend to like them a little crispier but my husband doesn't..o'well. They were juicy, tender, and tasted great.

I did have some leftover and I wish I had had enough time this morning to show you what I made for lunch. But I was running late for work and had to rush. Just use your imagination :). I had bought some really good rolls over the weekend. I sliced one in half, sprayed it with butter flavored Pam and stuck the bread in a hot pan until it was crispy. I shredded some leftover "ribs" (? or whatever they were). I spread the roll with some mayo (I'm a mayo person. If you're not....thats ok, I won't feel too sorry for you. You're probably better off without it haha). Then I scooped up a lot of shredded meat and BBQ sauce...topped it with some shredded lettuce and had one of the best BBQ sandwiches ever!! 


  1. Mmmmm, pork. I say just call it ribs and not worry about it. :)

  2. Ha, ha, I'm glad I'm not the only one that hates ribs - all the trouble you have to go through and so little to eat in the end! But I have friends who will eat nothing but ribs when we prepare BBQ.
    I'm thinking about your sandwich right now... uhmmmmmmmmmmm

  3. I wish I still had some leftover so I could have another sandwich today :(

  4. I'm with Bob.... mmmmmmm.... pork....


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