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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Where have I been?!

I know, I know...its been a while since I've posted a recipe. I swear I have a good excuse...(clears throat) I mean reason! I ran out of gas? I had a flat tire? ummm...I didn't have enough money for the taxi? What about....my apron wasn't back from the cleaners yet....? no? ummm...an old friend from out of town came to visit? ok ok...I don't have any old friends from out of town. But I don't have a digi-cam either. And...I haven't been home from work all week until like....6:30 p.m. and do you know what it's like after a long day... having to put something that reassembles food on the table before you melt into a puddle of boneless blob on the kitchen floor?

Did you ever see that Family Guy episode (ya...I love Family Guy) where Peter wished he didn't have any bones and he became this big huge useless (ok, so far that describes most men...hahahaha) fleshy blob? Anyways..thats what I feel like by 8:00 p.m.

Ok...so I was going to do some stuff this weekend and get a few posts done. I mean...weekends are the only time I have now to actually spend quality time in my kitchen. Ya, I have kids and a husband but you tell me...what teenager seriously wants to spend "quality" time with mom? (playing taxi doesn't count...trying to talk me into an outrageous purchase doesn't count. Asking for money doesn't count. Bitching at me for all the things I haven't done for them according to "their" plans....doesn't count). And to be honest when its basketball, baseball, or football season (that just about covers all 12 months, right?) how much time does that leave for me? Sooo...quality time is spent in the kitchen. Anyways..where was I? Ah....intent to post. Well, I don't have a camera right now (it's my daughters and she's not sure where she put it at the moment. I'm thinking that might be a good thing to ask for on Mothers Day, along with a new Rice Cooker and Food Processor. btw...did I tell you that those two things went out on me last weekend?? The rice cooker stopped cooking and the food processor smelled like burnt plastic. Oh!!..and I want an emulsion blender too). Sooo....I'm cooking every night but I'm not posing and posting food and I don't really want to post a bunch of recipes without pictures. For that you can check out my BakeSpace.com Kitchen and see all sorts of recipes. I totally get that my pictures are...umm...shall we say... highly questionable in quality! So I know you're not missing much by the lack of photos but amuse me and let me think it makes a difference to see step by step illustrations (regardless of the quality) instead of nothing.

Well, you haven't missed much. Last week I made a big salad (a.k.a. anti- salad...because by the time I add all the stuff to my salads....its really not much of a salad any more or so I'm told. In my opinion....the only kind of salad worth eating!!). What else....ummm....Oh...home made tacos, baked chicken breast with steamed asparagus..and I forget what else. Today I made taco salad and tomorrow night I'm finally going to make the Stuffed Shells that Spryte blogged about. Sooo...it's not like I would've shown you anything you've never seen before, right?

This week I'll just be making another big salad, and a couple of recipes that I've already posted about....Turkey Style Crab Cakes, some mexican chicken that I posted with my Gringo Margarita post....chicken a la king (hmm....I don't think that one's been blogged about. Maybe I'll do something with that if I can get a hold of my daughters camera by then). Apparently one of my daughters isn't a Chicken a La King fan. Next to it on my "weekly menu" she wrote EW. ROFLMAO. It's one of my husband's favorites and I like it too...so Jackie can have a lean cuisine that night...so there!

Now...it's time for a strong drink and a good book. I'll be back in the kitchen when I wake up, no doubt....and I know what I'm making first. Mmmmwaaaaa haaa haaa.....BLONDIES!! Have I mentions Culinary Alchemy's Blondies? omg....if you're mouth could have an orgasm! We had a potluck last Monday at work and I brought Blondies and a vegetable casserole...and let me tell you....the raves I got for both recipes. But people who weren't at the potluck were asking for the Blondies long after they were eaten up. You seriously have to try them out.


  1. Boneless blob..hahahahahaha...crackin' me up girl! That's soooo me!

  2. Heh, I'm with you, by the end of a work day I'm totally a blob. You know, I've never had chicken a la king. So I'm looking forward to that post in particular! You could tell us more about your strong drink too. ;)

  3. I'm so with you! It's really hard to work full time, outside of the home, take care of kids & a husband and blog too!

  4. Lets see...what did I have to drink that night...I think I had some Raspicello with Lemonade. Good stuff!!


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