Yum Peaceful Cooking: BakeSpace Giveaway

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

BakeSpace Giveaway

Who doesn't love KitchenAid? Have you ever longingly admired one of those $250.00 mixers at the store? There's an awesome give away at my favorite website, BakeSpace.com where you can win one for free! How cool is that? You can read about it here: contest rules and info. It's easy. No hassles, just a chance to win the bestest mixer ever!!!

Now let me tell you a little about BakeSpace. Don't be fooled by the name...its not only for baking (I rarely "bake").  It's for cookers, bakers, eaters.....of all levels and interests. I've been a member for almost 2 yrs now and I love the recipes, the people, and just everything about it. 

BakeSpace isn't your typical recipe site. Sure it has a "kitchen" where you post and share your recipes , but it also has a forum where you get to meet other members, and I think thats where I benefit the most (and have waaaaay too much fun). The peeps there are great. We have people in there of all levels and no pretentiousness at all. If you have a question (and believe me I've had lots of them and many silly ones) there is someone who can answer it. 

We have several topics we discuss. One of the daily threads is where we talk about what we're all cooking for dinner. If you need inspiration or ideas...thats the place to go. Btw....hot dogs and chips isn't unseen...so just because you may not be a fancy schmancy cook, doesn't mean you don't belong. We have a thread called Happy Hour where we just talk about anything and everything from strep throat to trash day and anything else that pops up. We even have a Wine Club where we pick a wine each month and write a review on what we think of it. I've learned a lot about wine in there and let me tell ya...not a single wine snob among them. Oh...one more topic that I really enjoy....our monthly challenge. We pick something new each month and cook/bake whatever theme food or ingredient list thats decided and post pictures and recipes. (I'll blog about my challenge this month. If you want to participate, please feel free to do so by visiting the BakeSpace Test Kitchen). And thats just some of what goes on at BakeSpace. One more thing...its ADDICTING!

So...if you're not already a BakeSpace addict...whatcha waiting for? I just gave you tons of great reasons why you should be!


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