Yum Peaceful Cooking: Shabby Chic Oreo Truffles

Monday, December 28, 2009

Shabby Chic Oreo Truffles

I have to say...Oreo's are one of my most favorite cookie. My preference is those double stuff ones....dipped in whole fat milk.

Yes, whole fat. And yes, it makes a different.

Why? Because for some scientific reason, the cookie soaks up that milk perfectly. Low fat and no fat....just doesn't do it.

Kinda like how melted margarine is not good on popcorn. You gotta use the real stuff. Have you ever noticed that? Margarine makes the popcorn shrivel. Sorta reminds me of how cold water.....errr...well, never mind.

Anyways....I kinda like these truffles. Its a nice way to dress up a a cookie. Make them more adult and fancy. And if you really wanna dress 'em up, say....for New Years...how cool would these babies look in melted white chocolate (which isn't really chocolate, but you know what I mean)...with the crumbs sprinkled over. They'd fit in perfectly with your Black Tie Affair, don't you think?

And speaking of black and white....funny how I decided to make this first picture...the ingredient picture, black and white. You see....the color and lighting just didn't work. No matter how much I messed with settings....it just looked like crap.

So I decided to screw the color and make it simple.

(from now on, if you see a black and white photo on my blog, it's either cuz the pic sucked or I'm being "artsy"...HAHAHA ya riiiight)

btw...I got this recipe from the ----->HERE<------ but I'm sure you've seen it many a time all over the place.

1 pkg. Oreo Cookies (I'm sure you can use any brand of chocolate sandwich cookies)
8 oz. cream cheese, at room temperature
16 oz semi-sweet chocolate, melted (don't melt it in the beginning....wait until you're ready to use it)

Put all those lovely cookies into your food processor and grind away until you have a bunch of crumbs.

Combine 3 cups of the crumbs with the cream cheese. I found that its easier if you mix in 1 cup first, and get it all incorporated then add the rest

Once it's all mixed up (and it looks like a big wad of black chocolate stuff), form into 1" balls and place them onto a cookie sheet that has been lined with wax paper or parchment paper.

At this point, I put them into the fridge. It helps to have them firm before dipping them into melted chocolate, which you are going to be preparing now.

Once the chocolate is melted (follow the instructions on the chocolate package or whatever method you normally use). One at a time, dip the balls into the chocolate

Roll it around to get the ball all coated and then fish it out with a fork

Let the excess chocolate drip and scrape the bottom of the fork on the edge of the bowl to remove as much as you can

The goal is to have as small of a "foot" as possible on the wax paper. The "foot" is the chocolate that has slid off the truffle before it has fully cooled and puddled around the ball. Big feet are ugly, are they not? Ya ya I know...you men have a different theory about foot size but that does not apply to truffles, so hush.

Place the truffles back onto your wax / parchment lined cookie sheet

Sad part is...this is when it's really obvious at how good (or bad) you are at making nicely shaped balls.

Ok, now you still have some cookie crumbs left, right?

Take them and sprinkle (or in my case, dump them) all over the balls

Place the whole tray back into the fridge for at least 1 hour before serving

I made these for the Holiday Party at work. I was kinda nervous cuz these truffles are super sweet and really rich. I made a little over 3 dozen truffles and not one was left on the dessert table by the end of the evening.

Oh, and you will have some leftover melted chocolate. Don't throw it away....you know what you can do with it?

(besides that!)

Place it in a tightly covered container and store it at room temperature until you decide.


  1. Isn't that funny about the whole milk. And I hear ya on the butter v. margarine...nothing is like real butter!

    My husband would love these and they look so simple too!

    Gorgeous photos!!!

  2. OMGosh your a mess!! LOL at big feet!
    These look really good!

  3. I'm fainting, girl.
    I love the picture of the little chocolate ball sitting on the fork. I don't know how many of those (at that stage) would have disappeared before reaching the tray.
    Gorgeous, must make them soon.

  4. Must


    I know folks that like sweets will love this. I just can't eat that much sugar at once, I don't really do dessert much.

  5. excellent post great details and you are right... white chocolate!

    I would make a black and white truffle, just dip half of the dark chocolate coated truffle in melted white!

  6. Wow! They look absolutely delicious, Danielle!Happy new year!

  7. Awesome. Oreos are the bomb, I agree. Hm, I wonder if you could find a way to slip some Kahlua in there...

  8. Totalll loving his kahlua idea.. They look fantastic and I love the name.

  9. These would be dangerous around here.

  10. I love these! We make them every Christmas. But we mix all the oreo crumbs with the cream cheese, dip in white chocolate, and drizzle regular chocolate overtop. so pretty and so good. :)

  11. These look so delicious! I bet the cream cheese makes them extra rich and yummy!

  12. Your posts crack me up! Those look delish :)

  13. OK, well this treat would please just about anyone! What a winner this would be on the buffet table. Great post.

  14. Michelle - thank you...i love when some photos turn out (it's always such a surprise! LOL)

    Tango - Ya I know...I'm a huge mess. LMAO

    Dajana - well, I was such a chocolatey mess. some could've slipped into my mouth by accident ;)

    Chris - even for me, who has a HUGE sweet tooth, these were super sweet! I have no problem consuming large amounts of sugar and have been known to do so with ease.

    Dave - thats a great idea. if you do it, i wanna see

    Erica - Happy New Year to you too!

    Bob - trust me, it crossed my mind but since it was for a work function, I decided to be good. hahaha

    Donna - Thanks :) and ya, bobs idea is awesome

    Linda - oooh, dangerous is the perfect word

    Megan - I bet those are so pretty!! I want to see.

    Reeni - ya, they certainly are rich. I was thinking about making another batch using the peanut butter oreos

    Moni - I'm glad you enjoyed it :). I still love your truffle tree and wish I could've done one too.

    Cristie - Thank you :)

  15. I have no comment about the big feet ;)

    I keep forgetting to add these to my list of Holiday treats... Can you just send me a couple dozen? LOL

  16. These shabby chic truffles look awesome! I bet everyone loved the chocolatey cookie crunch of the shell.

  17. I agree with ya about using the full fat ingredients!! I have been wanting to try these out. They look delicious!!

  18. Brilliant! My son would absolutely love these.

  19. What lovely truffles. My husband adores Oreos so these would quickly become his favorites.

    I hope you have a healthy and happy new year.


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