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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Reesella Crescents

Does anyone, besides me....kinda tense up a little or cringe in anticipation as you pull the paper edge of those refrigerator dough cans....expecting it to POP at any second? It's like the adult version of a jack-in-the-box.

Or the maker of urban legends.....

Remember that urban legend that was going around a while back? The one about the lady that got shot in the back of her head and she sat in her car, holding her brains in, while she waited for the paramedics? If you don't remember, or you never heard it, here's one of several versions that are out there.....

(supposedly told by a paramedic) One of our trucks was recently toned to respond to the GSW (I assume that means Gun Shot Wound) to the head. The victim called 911 via her ceullular phone. She told the operator that she just sat down in her car and someone shot her in the back of the head. She told the dispatcher that she was afraid to move because she could feel brain tissue hanging out the back of her head.

When the crew arrived, they found the woman sitting in the front seat. Her groceries were in the back seat. The Medics found dough where the woman thought that she felt brain tissue. A can of biscuit dough in the shopping bag exploded and hit her in the back of the head. Needless to say, the woman was greatly relieved to find that out
I can not open a can of biscuits or crescents without thinking (and giggling inside) about that story. If you remember Brett Butler (from Grace Under Fire)...she did a version of this urban legend in one of her stand up comedian acts...and it was hysterical!! I tried to find it on YouTube...but didn't want to sit through hours and hours of 10 min clips, looking for it LOL. 
Anyways.....once in a while I do buy those refrigerator cans of dough. Not nearly as much as I did when I was young (I think when I first got married, Pillsbury was a staple in my fridge). But it has been a reeeeally long time since I bought the crescents. I saw the little Dough Boy clip several months ago...and while it IS funny...I just couldn't look at crescents the same way...

I know.....it is just sooooo wrong, but sooooo damn funny!!
Anyways...I think I am past my crescent trauma. I mean, with this creation forming in my head...it was imperative that I get over it. 

Did I mention how easy and quick it is to make? 

Those are the best kind of recipes to have around when you're needing that sugar fix after a long day and you don't have the time, energy or patience to put together anything more involved or time consuming.

1 can of refrigerator crescent rolls (8 oz)
16 Reeses Mini Peanut Butter Cups (plus more for snacking as you go along)
Nutella (I don't know how much...1/4 cup? 1/3 cup?
Powdered sugar

Do you see how big that jar of Nutella is? I got it from Costco. It comes in a 2/pk. The jar is twice as big as the one at the grocery store and the 2/pk costs about $3.00 more than the half sized single jar at the grocery store. I certainly couldn't pass that up!!

Heat your oven to 350' F. Separate the dough into 8 triangles. Remove the wrappers from the candy.

For the first 4 crescents, I spread the triangle with Nutella and then placed 2 Reeses along the wide end of the triangle...

Then I rolled up the crescent, starting from that wide end and ending at the tip. Pinch the 2 ends closed so nothing melts out while it's cooking. Place them on an ungreased cookie sheet.

Oh, I should mention....try and keep your fingers clean while doing this. No dipping them into the Nutella Jar.....because...well, things get a little messy when you do

(I call dibs on the messy one)

Now...for the remaining 4 crescents, I tried something different. I spooned a wad of Nutella along that wide end. Then placed the 2 Reeses on the wad...and then smothered the Reeses with more Nutella.

My purpose? I wanted to see if it made a difference. If one oozed and the other didn't. Maybe the flavor would be more intense. Or maybe the flavor is distributed better in the other on. I dunno.....let's find out

See? 4 and 4

You can tell which is which by all the Nutella along the edges of the ones on the right?

Now...plop them into your preheated 350' F oven and let them cook until golden brown. Could be 10  minutes....or it could be 14 minutes. Just keep an eye on them.

Now those are looking awfully good! Let them cool a little and then sprinkle 'em with some powdered sugar

(I wonder if Donna will see anything amusing in this photo LMAO!!)

How did they taste? Was there a difference between the two? Well...when you combine chocolate, peanut butter and Nutella....it's gonna be aaaaaaall good. And there was no flavor difference at all. One didn't taste more intense than the other. They just look a little different. 

Wanna bite?

Oh ya....I almost forgot. I have to give credit, where credit is due. The idea for this recipe was inspired by a Hershey's recipe magazine that I picked up today. And.....the name, "Reesella Crescents" came from my daughter. 


  1. Did anyone say Nutella?
    I can't wait for that moment just before Christmas when the 1.5 kg jar will show up wrapped in a red Chrismas bag.
    Those crescents look wonderful!

  2. HaHaHa--I'm still laughing at that urban legend--I've never heard that one! Hey, I've become a big Pillsbury fan for some reason and those crescents look awesome!

  3. Oh yummmm!!
    That story was too funny, I got the giggles & the video tee hee!!
    I see the amusement in THAT picture!! LOL

  4. LOL! I've never heard that story about the exploding biscuit can before! Urban legend or not it's still funny. HA HA!

  5. The show, "MYTHBUSTERS" on the discovery channel did an episode about this. They never found a definite case like this in the media, but they did all the experiments, and it could conceivably happen. But, only on a hot day. SO, keep the AC running in the summer, or only buy them in the winter and stock up ;)

    And these are so good looking!

  6. O.M.G.!!! LMFAO...no way! Can't believe she thought she got shot. That said...these look amazing :D

  7. ...yes, I choose to believe the Urban Legend

  8. i can't BELIEVE you feel that way about canned biscuits--i thought i was the only freak in the world who got scared by the impending pop. the worst is when it doesn't pop and you keep peeling it back a little bit at a time, only to have to take a knife to it in the end. sigh. meanwhile, i'd totally brave the dreaded blast if my reward would be these tasty treats--they're all kinds of awesome!

  9. I am the same way!!! I am nervous opening up those cans (even though I never heard the story) because I scare easily lol. I won't open champagne bottles either. lol

    Anyway, those look awesome! I did something similar with just nutella a while back. I used puff pastry and they were sooo good. I like the peanut butter idea...I guess you could use peppermint patties too. My friend made peppermint patty stuffed brownie cupcakes last week! To die for!

  10. These look heavenly! Nutella is divine. I do like the Grands biscuits. I put my burgers on them. And I always hold my breath and then jump when the can pops. I remember that story - hilarious!!!!

    My sister made the rutabaga casserole - I think she just mashed up the potatoes with a rutabaga(milk, butter, s&p) mixed in some shredded cheese and baked it in a baking dish with more cheese on top. Simple but yummy.

  11. THIS was laugh out loud funny! Now I have to go back and read the recipe!

  12. I love nutella, so this sounds fantastic and easy to make.I love your writing :)

  13. Funny story!
    And yep, those crescents looks divine!

  14. My kids would love these!
    I have a confession to make. Although I bake my own rolls for holidays, I also have a bowl of Pillsbury Crescent rolls. The guys love them. And you can never have too much bread with a holiday house full of bored teenagers.
    My son and I learned accidentally that if you let an unwrapped tube roll off the counter and onto the floor.. it will pop open! No tensing up required. ;-)
    Ok, I will never win any awards for most meticulous cook.

  15. Dajana - haha....I knew if the word "Nutella" was heard....my BS buds would come a running!

    Cathy - gee...I wonder what where your love of all things pillsbury came from ;)

    Tango - hahaha....so you saw it too!! LMAO I swear, I didn't do it on purpose!

    Michelle - that story totally cracks me up!

    Dave - I haven't seen that one before...pretty interesting

    Heather - ya, I like to think someone out there is dumb enough to think they'd actually be awake and alive enough to hold in their own brains too!!! LMAO!!

    Grace - HAHA!! I think we're kindred spirits here! btw...if the can won't pop (and I hate when that happens cuz you're just waiting and waiting and it never happens), I just wack it on the edge of the counter!

    Michele - Champagne bottles scare the crap out of me! I'd love to see that cupcake recipe

    Reeni - Thank you sooo much for letting me know about the recipe! I think I'm going to try it for Christmas dinner!! wooo hoo!!

    Farmgirl - I glad you enjoyed yourself...makes me grin :)

    Erica - thank you, you are always just so sweet!!

    Barbara - thanks....I still giggle when I read it

    Natashya - the kids love em. heck the adults at work loved them. Mostly cuz they're not as sweet as you'd think they'd be. LOL @ your confession! Up until this year, I always bought those Vandekamp dinner rolls...the heat and serve ones...for all my holiday meals! and I'll have to drop my pillsbury can on the floor next time it doesnt open! HAHHAHA

  16. LOL - "jack in the box" - yes, I don't like that pop. It makes me nervous for some reason :D These look so sinful and delicious, what a great idea!! Love that deal you got on the Nutella.

  17. LOL.wow great idea putting PB cups inside! Looks so good.

  18. I just laughed so hard I pooped my pants.

  19. Kim - ya....that pop, you just never can get use to it HAHA

    Shane - you have noooo idea! It was even good the next day :)

    Pigpigscorner - thank you for stopping by! pb cups are one of my favorite candies!

    Sarah - they were...and now they're gone :(

    Chris - but did you poop a crescent? LOL

  20. Danielle... I made these, and it awakened the dark parts of my soul...



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