Yum Peaceful Cooking: Strawberry Crunch

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Strawberry Crunch


This is one of those versatile recipes. And its also a difficult dessert (for the inexperienced food picture-taker that I am) to take pretty pictures of. I mean, you can tell that it tastes yummy by looking at all that oooey gooey fruit thats all over the place.

It just doesn't behave.

It doesn't hold itself together for the pose. Hell, it doesn't even leave the pan self composed.

But it does taste good.

And you can change it up and around and make it what you want. It kinda reminds me of a layman's fruit buckle. Easy-peasy. No intimidation factors going on here.

I did post a blog about this recipe way back when I started blogging. Only that version was for a Blueberry Crunch.

It's kinda fun to look back at what I've done, see how I've changed and hopefully grown.

I've gotten better with the picture taking thing...thats for sure. It also helps when you're using a real camera instead of a cell phone cam. Photobucket

Anyways...back to the recipe...the basic ingredients haven't changed. But this time I have more pictures. Not that its so difficult that you need them....but I want to show them. So humor me a little k?

Also, I still haven't been able to find my favorite fruit pie filling; raspberries. I've been watching for it at my local markets for months and months and nothing. It kinda makes me wonder....whats going on with canned Raspberry Pie Filling? What have they done with all the raspberries? Is there a conspiracy against canned raspberry filling? I mean...this has been going on for over 8 months! I've only been able to find Apple, Cherry, and Strawberry. Is there a "click" going on between shelved fruit that we humans are unaware of? "No raspberries allowed....they outshine the rest of us and we want to be the popular ones."

(wow...what the hell is in this wine?!)

So this time....I was forced to choose strawberries:


1 package of yellow cake mix
1 can of strawberry pie filling
1 tsp lemon juice
1/2 cup chopped pecans
1/2 cup melted butter

Preheat your oven to 350' F.

In a 9x9x2 baking dish, spread the pie filling in the bottom and sprinkle with the lemon juice. In a bowl, combine the cake mix, pecans and melted butter


Mix until crumbly


Sprinkle over the pie filling....


Bake for 40 - 50 minutes, until golden brown


And there you have it. Strawberry (wanna be raspberry) Crunch.


  1. ha ha ha ha ha...I want some of that wine! And some of that "wanna be raspberry" crunch...it is so easy and delicious! :)

  2. That just looks fantastic!!!!!

  3. YUM! That's looks so tasty!!!

  4. I keep seeing all these cool things done with cake mixes, I need to try some out. I don't think I've ever seen canned raspberry pie filling though...

  5. girli - LOL..ya I was tired and drinking wine...wth? my mind goes it weird directions!

    Erica - Thanks :)

    Spryte - it is very tasty...especially the topping!

    Bob - raspberry pie filling rocks! you should look for it (and if you find some, send it to me!! LOL)

  6. What a fantastically easy dish! Love the versatility with the fillings.. have you tried apple? Did you toast the pecans first. This is probably wonderful with some ice cream. Oh yeah, babe!

  7. oh gosh. why does this have to be so easy? that just means i'll make it repeatedly and outgrow my pants. :) although the strawberry sounds good, i think blueberry is superior. even better than raspberry would be.

  8. That looks delicious and easy - my two favorite ways to cook!

  9. All good except for the pecans. I don't play well with them due to allergies!

    Looks great though!

  10. Hi Donna - No, I haven't tried it with apples. just cherry, blueberry, raspberry and strawberry. I didn't toast the pecans but I imagine they get a bit toasted in oven?

    Grace - blueberry is good...but my fav so far is the raspberry..lol. I bet the blueberry would be awesome with a lemon cake mix!!!!

    Angie - yep, you gotta love yummy and easy :)

    Aww Chris - well, you'll just have to use walnuts or no nuts. bummer

  11. I would be thrilled to have a plateful of this. What's not to love? I used to buy canned filling, but my friend, if I could show you how easy it is to make your own fruit filling-- you'd never go back to canned! All it takes is fruit (frozen or fresh), sugar and either tapioca or flour. I actually bought a product online at King Arthur Flour that makes fresh fruit nice and thick... the best part is, YOU made it! I think I have a recipe for peach crumbles and berry crisp that shows you how.
    Still-- I have to say this is easy peasy and looks delish.

  12. Hi Feast! I know this dessert would be so much better with fresh homemade pie filling! I should probably try that next time. Especially since I can't raspberries in a can (haha). If you come across that recipe, send it over my way ( peacefulcooking at gmail dot com ) thanks!!


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