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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Penguins are Priceless

If I haven't stressed this before, let me do so now (stop me if you've heard this one. oh wait...you can't! HAHA) One of the things that makes BakeSpace.com so awesome is the community itself and the interaction in the forums, between the members. We have lots of topics and lots of places to hang out. One of my favorite groups is our virtual Wine Club.


Every month someone gets to chose a wine for all of us to review. Anyone can join in and post a review, along with a picture of your wine bottle. Let me make a quick (or not so quick) statement. We are not...I repeat NOT a bunch of "wine snobs". Some of us (yours truly included) know very little about wine other than it either tastes good or it doesn't. And some of us (I mean the others) know an awful lot about wine. What makes "us" so unique is due to the lack of pretension, it's a great atmosphere to learn and ask questions without the intimidation. We're not drinking $100 bottles of wine. We're just real people, with a common interest. Actually, we all get excited when we find a good bottle of wine for cheap. (Trader Joes has GREAT cheap wine!!) 

So...at the end of the month, we have a pole. Everyone who entered a review is added to the pole and the rest of the participating members vote for the "winner". That winner gets to choose the wine for the following month! :) Believe it or not, I won in April so I got to choose the wine for the month of May. I chose for the  May Wine - Pinot Grigio.   I know the month is almost over, but there's still a few days left. If you want to participate....we'd love to have you. 

Here are two bottles that I was able to review about this month (I had a third but I drank it, and tossed the bottle before I remembered I had meant to review it...common occurrence unfortunately). I you want to read my not-so-sophisticated reviews, you'll just have to visit the forum link above :).

Photobucket Photobucket

Guess what else? I won my very own Original Penguin Corkscrew! How cool is THAT?!!


Here's a little excerpt from the manufacture about this wonderful, handy dandy, save-my-wrist corkscrew:

"Opening a bottle of wine just got easier with the introduction of the new PENGUIN EZ Pull CORKSCREW from Wine Things Unlimited of Sonoma, CA.
The PENGUIN EZ Pull CORKSCREW utilizes patented technology and European styling making it the easiest wine opener ever produced for consumer and restaurant use.

Just place the corkscrew on the neck of the bottle – no handles to squeeze – and pull the lever down to remove the cork in just seconds. The teflon-coated magnesium worm removes even synthetic corks easily.
“Best wine opener in 5 years” says local wine writer who recently sampled the Penguin… “I can’t believe it’s so simple!”

Packaged in an upscale gift box with magnetic closure, the PENGUIN EZ Pull CORKSCREW includes a satin chrome and black Foil Cutter and extra corkscrew worm."

Look at how cool this thing is! It even comes with a foil taker-offer! (ya ya, I know...it's called a foil cutter, but thats not as much fun to say)


(and here comes my acceptance speech). I just want to thank my fans! haha. Ok, for reals...you guys are great! Thanks for voting for me. I hope you've enjoyed the wine this month (although we seem to have a more difficult time with white wines than we do red). Our "wine parties" are a total blast! Nothing like drunk posting in a public forum!! LMAO! But hey, its better than drunk texting or drunk dialing, right? But seriously, in the few months that we've been reviewing wines, I've really learned a lot. I think my first pairing included tootsie rolls (hey, it was halloween...whadda ya expect?). And one last thing....


P.S. Thanks Babs for making this happen and for the awesome gift. I love this thing. Even my husband, who doesn't drink wine thinks its pretty cool...I could hear it in his voice when he opened a bottle of wine for the first time with it and said, "Oh Wow!" I don't think I've heard that kind of awe in his voice since our first time...LMAO. Just kidding. kinda. aren't I? 


  1. Very cool! How did you win this?!? I've definitely enjoyed the Wine Club :)

  2. Very cool!! I'm still waiting for mine. Hopefully it will have been delivered when I get back to Pittsburgh.

    We have two more Pinot Grigios to try here at my sister's house.

  3. I absolutely LOVE mine... It make it so easy to open that third bottle, when I am seeing double... ;)

  4. HaHa! We DO have tons of fun, don't we? I love my penguin (yeah, it's way better than using a drewscriber LOL) From one non-wine snob to another....I LOVE YOU TOO MAN!


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