Yum Peaceful Cooking: Happy Mothers Day to ME!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day to ME!!

I have never been into baking and cake decorating. Not that I didn't like it, I just never learned how. I mean...I've made cakes and used store bought icing and pre-made decorations, which is fine. I've always wanted to take cake decorating lessons, but icing intimidates me. Since hanging out in BakeSpace I've seen lots of cakes and various decorating methods. I had never heard of fondant (mmf) before and it caught my attention. The more I saw, the more I became intrigued. I'm not going to give you any lessons or even the ingredients...because I'm waaaay too new at this. What I will do is give you the source of my knowledge...DDPiesSlice!! She has an awesome blog with several entries about fondant...plus some of the most exquisite cakes I have ever seen. I was himming and hawwing about it last night and another great BakeSpace member called Grammadotcom really encouraged me and gave me some awesome tips. Thank you both for sharing your knowledge :). 

Well, this is the result of my very first ever experience with fondant. I had sooo much fun!!! I'm really looking forward to exploring all the possibilities. Oh, before I forget, I have to confess that I still used a cake from a box (confetti cake)....but let me tell you...I had a blast playing with my cake "play dough"!! 


  1. Awesome!!!! Excellent First time... ;)

  2. Great job, girl. I love how you decorated it and I'm glad you enjoyed playing with your "playdough". Hope you had a beautiful Mother's Day. Did your girls cook for you?

  3. Thank you guys! My youngest daughter and my husband made dinner for me, which was nice, considering I had champagne and limoncello and was not insterested in cooking that night LOL

  4. I love your cake.

    I love the colors.

    I love the simplicity.

    I love the over all design.

    Great..GREAT job!

  5. awwww....Thanks Michelle :) (blushing!!)

  6. What a pretty cake! Cake decorating very much intimidates me, you did a lovely job with this though.

  7. Thanks Sofie :) Cake decorating intimidates the hell out of me LOL. I would love to take classes. I think fondant is more fun to play with than icing. I make such a mess with icing. more ends up on me than the cake!!!


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