Yum Peaceful Cooking: Italian Sausage with Peppers and Onions, and the Dodgers

Friday, May 2, 2014

Italian Sausage with Peppers and Onions, and the Dodgers

When you think of the Dodgers, several things may come to mind. I'm guessing hot dogs would be amoung the top 5. The other 4 will depend on how much of a die-hard baseball fan you are.

I think of Dodger Blue, 7th inning stretch, the wAvE and memories.

Growing up in Los Angeles lends to a lot of Dodger memories. (I might be showing my age here...) Steve Garvey, Fernando Valenzuela, and of course Tommy Lasorda.

Yes...the Dodger legend, Tommy Lasorda. Not only did he start his baseball career with the Dodgers back in 1945 when they were still in Brooklyn, but to this day he is still a True Blue Dodger where he is a Special Adviser to the Chairman.

And....he just opened a restaurant at Dodger's Stadium called Tommy Lasorda's Tratoria.

Do you know what that means? There's Italian food being served....to everyone at Dodger's Stadium! Right there....behind the right field bullpen.

You'll see a huge outdoor bar aptly called Bullpen Outlook Bar (there is one behind left field as well, but we'll go there in a minute), you'll hear the dj, see the outdoor seating area...and people. Lot's of people enjoying Italian food.

What might you find on the menu? Well, let me tell you...

The most perfect pizza ever! You know how when you go places and order a pizza and you ask for extra cheese? And you look at it and think...wth...this is extra cheese?! Tommy's pizza comes standard with more than extra cheese...and the best ever thin crust. Trust me...you wont want to leave those end crusts on the plate. It's that good!

Then there's the pasta with marinara sauce and huge amazing meatballs! Great texture, great flavor...and, according to Tommy, almost as good as the ones his mom made, and she made the best meatballs ever.

I didn't get to taste everything on the menu...which is both a good thing and a bad thing. I mean...that would be a lot of food to eat but I'd really love to try it all! One thing that I wanted seconds on...seriously, (besides the pizza) was the Italian sausage with peppers and onions. Let me just go on record here, The.... Best.... Italian sausage.... EVER!

Perfect snap, perfect mix of seasonings. And when I say that...I'm saying, not overloaded with fennel or anise, like most of what you find in the markets.

I tried making my own. And they were good. But not as good. I got my sausage at a local Italian market, which I love....but I really like the ones at Tommy Lasorda's Tratoria better.

I just sliced up some red and green bell peppers and onions. Cooked my Italian sausage in a greased pan, covered, turning occasionally. Added the vegetables towards the end and continued cooking until the sausage was done and the vegetables were tender.

It was delicious. Especially on a homemade roll. But not as good as Tommy's. Wouldn't it be nice if he opened up a local restaurant so we all could enjoy his food year round?

So...I mention the left field Bullpen Outlook Bar earlier...and yes, same set up..only over there they have another new restaurant called Think Blue Bar-B-Que

There you'll find (among other things) a melt in your mouth beef brisket and the best corn on the cob you've every had!

The brisket is smoked for 17 hours....fat untrimmed, self basting. The corn, precooked then grilled to perfection, smothered in...yes...mayo...then rolled in seasonings that includes cumin, cardamom, bbq seasoning, a bit of cinnamon and lime juice. WOW!!! Seriously. WOW!!!

Now I'm not trying to take you away from the famous Dodger Dog.

There are plenty of those to choose from....L.A. Extreme Bacon Wrapped Dog (yes...I said bacon! 3 slices to be exact), Frito Pie Dog which is covered in red chili, shredded cheese and Fritos.  I've heard that the Brooklyn Dodger Dog is rather amazing too.

If you're lucky enough to spend some time in one of the event suites...be prepared....

For the dessert cart

If it's in season and you see the Lemonade Cake...eat it! Delicious, fresh sweet lemon, And the chef's personal favorite is the Root Beer Cake....Holy moly!! Someone, somewhere, figured out how to infuse chocolate ganache with root beer!!!

Speaking of the chef...Executive Chef Jason Tingley is doing an amazing job. He's a local guy who has taken rustic California flavors, fresh new concepts and has incorporated them into a new cuisine fit for today's Dodger fans.

Food at the ballpark has been taken to a new level! Get there early and explore. They have so much to choose from. Much more than what I'm able to cover here. Besides the handcrafted BBQ and the classic Italian, you have the Home Stand Hot Dogs and for the more health conscious, look for the Club Marketplace.

Yes, the Dodgers won that night. It truly was a grand evening all the way around. Great food and a great game!

Here's wishing the Dodgers 
a very successful season! 

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