Yum Peaceful Cooking: Pom Wonderful and Hot Sex

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pom Wonderful and Hot Sex

See those luscious little red nuggets on top of my ice cream? Those are called Pom Poms. Pom Wonderful has these cups of fresh arils that they call Pom Poms and they sent me two of them back in December. I was suppose to write about them before the New Year but with the holidays and 3 birthdays all within 3 weeks....something had to give. Then, my girls chowed on the Pom Poms and I had nothing left. Off to the store to purchase more, I went.

And to purchase some Pom Wonderful pomegranate juice. I had big plans for the stuff.

I do apologize to Pom Wonderful for being late.

So, which would you like first...Hot Sex or ice cream?

That's what I thought...let's start off with Hot Sex. But we must make sure we're prepared.

With grenadine.

Really? Yes....really. You can't have Hot Sex without grenadine. You'll thank me afterward,

I promise.

Equal amounts of pomegranate juice and sugar. Pour into a saucepan. Bring to a boil while stirring. Reduce heat and simmer for 10 - 15 minutes, stirring frequently. Allow to cool. Store in a cute little bottle in the refrigerator. Or whatever you happen to have on hand.

That's it. See? Simple. Prep work for Hot Sex isn't as much work as you'd think...and the results are way better. Seriously...once you've tried this...you'll never go back.

Nooooow...let's get down to business.

Hot Sex
2 1/2 oz orange liqueur
4 oz orange juice
Dash of grenadine

Mix well, server on the rocks, garnished with a....cherry (of course)

And there you have a delicious little cocktail, known as Hot Sex. Cherry and all.  I found this recipe at DrinkMixer. They suggest triplesec. I personally don't like triplesec and used Citron. Cointreau would also work beautifully. This is a delicious little drink full of sunshine and promises...that will wipe you out if you're not careful. Enjoy it in a leisurely fashion. Unless of course your goal is to end up under the table instead on top. (did I really say that?!)

Now that we're done with that. Or maybe we're in between....drinks....lets enjoy a little ice cream. Which also requires some prep work. That's not so quick but an amazing addition to your pantry. Pomegranate Molasses. Amazingly sweet and tart all in one bite. It's used in middle eastern cooking. I personally like it for dessert. You can find the recipe on a post I did about a year ago ----->Pomegranate Molasses<------ You'll end up with something like this

Get out your ice cream and your Pom Poms

Drizzle the molasses over your ice cream

And top with a handful of Pom Poms

The molasses mixed with that vanilla ice cream is fantastic. Add the Pom Poms and you get that texture added in there....pure delight. Almost as good as Hot Sex...

Now...If you'll take a minute to watch a little video. Some friends of mine, Ed and Jodie whom I met last year in a class we all took together, are producing a web series called Pairings:

"The show centers around a group of friends who are foodies. Alan Wallace is a food geek who is awkward with women. His family and friends convince him that cooking is sexy and that he shouldn't hide it from the women he dates. Along the way he discovers that the way to woman's heart is through her stomach."

Take a quick peek at the video and get to know Ed and Jodie a little. They need some help getting the production going. You might also enjoy their food blog, 5ivedollarfeasts.com which is about eating like royalty, on a budget. Who doesn't want that?! Great recipes...fantastic photos. These two really know what they're doing.

Good luck Ed and Jodie! I can't wait to watch Pairings!


  1. Both the drink and the molasses topping look fantastic! Wishing I had sound so I could watch the video. Have a terrific Thursday!! :)

  2. I've never had hot sex & ice cream together...lol

  3. Of course I had to come and see what this post was about :) Your pom molasses looks so good on the ice cream and well, who could pass up that cocktail! Both recipes sound terrific.

  4. Thank you so much for the write up! Love being included in the Hot Sex blog.

    If anyone is interested in learning more about Pairings, feel free to follow this link to our Kickstarter page: http://kck.st/yIjrnq or visit our website at PairingstheSeries.com

  5. haha...you are so welcome Pairings. I see you guys are getting pretty close to reaching your goal! :)


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