Yum Peaceful Cooking: Drunk Strawberries and Sober Vodka

Friday, May 21, 2010

Drunk Strawberries and Sober Vodka

After this morning....I really could use one of these (but it's still early and I do have my boundaries....really. I do...honest). I wish I hadn't tossed out the strawberries. You see....after soaking in vodka for 2 weeks, the strawberries were thoroughly drunk! And very...un-strawberrish in looks and taste.

I woke up early this morning and started writing. I had a hard time to begin with. My mind wasn't awake and my body didn't want to be. But I got through it. I wouldn't say "with flying colors" but I was satisfied. Plus I had to get ready for work.

3 hours later I discover that blogger is now publishing with invisible ink? The only things that posted were the labels and the title (which happened to be the last things I added). I tried to crack the code by applyinig lemon juice and heat....

I made sure I was wearing my glasses. I double checked to make sure the monitor was turned on. I even contimplated the "I must've been dreaming" theory.
I then started to whine about it (hey, it works for the kids sometimes, doesn't it?)

My efforts were fruitless.

But my vodka isn't

When I saw Bo's Raspberry Infused Vodka over at Bo's Bowl, I was instantly intrigued. He has a great blog with lots of great things...you really should check it out if you're not already following him.

The vodka infusion process was so simple. I think the hardest part is the wait. 2 weeks. But the results are fun and festive and summery.

Strawberry Infused Vodka

1 750 ml vodka
1 pints strawberres, washed and cored (or whatever it's called that you do when you remove the leaves
1 large jar (Bo said to use a glass jar. I didn't have one big enough so I used plastic)

Fill the jar with your berries and vodka and place in a cool dark cupboard for 2 weeks. During this time, if any of the berries get mushy, remove them. It's normal for them to turn grey. Not pretty....but normal.

Once the infusion time is complete, strain the vodka through a coffee filter

You may be tempted to try one of those strawberries....but be prepared. It's not a good experience. No hint of a strawberry left. Just the form. With a sad heart....I tossed them. Into the trash. If I could think of something worthy to do with them, I would have.

Any suggestions?

What I had left was this gorgeous red vodka

With a light strawberry flavor. Not too strong. It didn't remind me of cough syrup like some of those ones on the market do. It was just a nice hint. And the vodka itself had mellowed. (more like transfused into the tossed strawberries) so what you have left isn't something that's going to kick your ass.

Perfect for those hot summery evenings we're all anticipating.

For my drink, I added equal parts of my Strawberry Infused Vodka and V8 Splash Berry Blend (I just love that juice!!!) and a squirt of fresh lemon juice.

Shaken not stirred.


  1. Hey thats something very interesting and the colour was awesome....

  2. I had plans to make an orange infused vodka. This sounds even better!

  3. Love the glass .... how elegant is that!!

    What a great idea for a summer drink, hope we get the weather for it!!

  4. This is incredibly awesome! I've never really thought about making my own flavored vodka but why not! I just saw an ad for berry acai vodka, which I thought was so funny. Soon there will be goji berry vodka and flax seed vodka. They are just jumping on the health food bandwagon!

  5. Anything with vodka and strawberries has me hooked. What a lovely glass and the shaker is frosted...wow.
    Cheers to you.

  6. This is a GREAT post (worth doing a second time)!

  7. Such a pretty color! Poor strawberries gave up their lives for vodka... Yay! :)

  8. THAT is awesome! I could really use a big glass of that now. No mixer required... ;)

  9. Love vodka and strawberries......wonderful combination. This looks delicious and pretty :0

  10. Invisible font? Are you sure you aren't using homemade hooch? I heard that will make you lose your eyesight! (ha ha j/k)

  11. I understand your blogger pain...Ive never had invisible ink...but Ive had fonts to change and margins to get out of wack. Your making me want to make a batch of strawberry now.

  12. nice work done and good recipes


  13. The colour of the strawberry vodka is brilliant. I made some last year and it was not that red. I am ENVIOUS.


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