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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pomegranate Sorbet and Le Creuset Giveaway

This is a loaded post! 

So much going on here...I mean, I have this wonderful pomegranate juice to play with from PomWonderful....and I'm going to share a pomegranate (ya...sorbet...what was your first clue) recipe with you. Aaaaaaand I have an awesome giveaway...(my first ever and I'm sooo excited)

What more could you ask for, right?

First...let me share a childhood memory with you.

Long ago, when I was a young gal...somewhere between 9 and 12, I had what I called my "princess" bed. It was one of those beautiful....4 poster beds with a canopy. I remember my mom putting up wall paper in my room with little blue flower buds and my bedspread was blue and my pillow shams were blue and my canopy was blue. The bed, dresser and night stand were all white with that gold trim.

Man, I felt like a princess.

Until one day...when I got busted!

You see....I didn't keep my room super clean. So I was told to clean my room before I could go out and play on the weekends. Well...when you have friends waiting....it's summer time and there's a ton of water balloons waiting for the fun to begin...or your bike is in the garage just needing to be taken out to the empty lot around the corner where you and your friends have set up a ramp to do "jumps" off the ramp (and you're one of the few girls who would attempt that and you had to maintain your reputation)....well...cleaning your room was the last thing on your mind.

You were in a hurry.

A BIG hurry!!

So what does an imaginative young gal do with all the crap on the floor?

Why, she tosses it on top of her canopy, of course!!

Guess what?

At night, when the lights are on in the room.....mom can see the shadows of the crap on top of the canopy.


Sooo....you get you're canopy removed. Because this wasn't the first time you pulled that stunt!

And it looks something like this....

Which isn't soooo bad... I mean its darling and cute and all. But I missed my canopy.


Are you wondering where that memory came from? I  mean it seems pretty random don't you think?

Lemme tall ya....Kids Beds was brought to my attention today and when I saw the Alexandria Poster Bed in Pearl White....I was flooded with memories. It sooooo resembles my childhood "princess" bed (minus the canopy).

Such memories....sleepovers with all-night giggles....jumping (when no one was looking)....eating in bed for special occasions (birthdays, sick days, holidays), falling asleep as your favorite pet snuggled with you (assuming your favorite pet wasn't a snake or a fish)...Well....you get the picture.

Fast forward a few decades and here I am...no headboard, no canopy, but the bed is much bigger, so I cant complain too much. But you know what? I'm allowed to eat in bed anytime I want!

The past few nights my choice of indulgence has been Pomegranate Sorbet.


I climb into bed, with my favorite TV show or book and a bowl of refreshing, tangy, tart, sweet Pomegranate Sorbet and just bask in it's wonderfulness. I can almost picture myself snuggled in my princess bed again.

The best part? Pomegranate Sorbet is soooo easy to make!!!

Pomegranate Sorbet
1 cup water
1 cup sugar
1 cup PomWonderful Pomegranate Juice
2 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
2 tablespoons cointreau

In a saucepan, over medium heat, heat up the water and sugar until the sugar completely dissolves (this is called simple syrup). Remove from heat and chill completely in the fridge (about an hour)

Combine the Pomegranate juice, lemon juice and cointreau and chill.

Once it's all chilled, combine the simple syrup and pomegranate juice mixture. Pour into an 8" or 9" dish, cover with plastic wrap and place into your freezer for about 3 or 4 hours. Remove from freezer and shred the mixture with a fork. This will give your sorbet it's fluffy texture and break up the ice crystals. Place back into the dish and freeze again for several hours and up to several days.

I have read that the "fluffing" process can be done in a food processor but to be honest, using a fork is so easy....and a lot easier to clean.

And Oooooh eeeeeeeeeemmm geeeeeeeeeee......good stuff! I'm going to be making more of this, for sure, over the weekend. I just might go out and buy some pomegranate juice mixtures to see what other flavors I can come up with.

Sooo....What does this have to do with the giveaway and the bed? Well...lemme tell ya....

(please read the following in your best French Accent)

A lucky someone (in the USA or Canada) will be winning a Le Creuset 12 x 9.5 rectangular baking dish....(now that will fit a double portion of Pomegranate Sorbet, don't you think?)

And how will this happen?

Well, once again you've asked a very good question....and I have a very good answer

There are several ways to enter...

***this first step must be done before any of the other entries will be counted***

***Check out the Kids Beds and tell me which bed reminds you of your childhood bed or maybe your childhood "dream" bed. Or the one you could imagine, as a child, eating your favorite dessert in at the end of the evening before snuggling down to a dream filled night.

2nd entry: Tweet about this giveaway, including a link to this post and tell me that you have done so

3rd entry: Follow my blog :) and tell me that you have done so

4th entry: Become a fan on my Facebook page: Peaceful Cooking and tell me that you have done so

5th entry: Post a Facebook status link to the giveaway on your Facebook page and tell me that you have done so

hmmm....I think that just about covers it. 

Oh...I am leaving this Giveaway open until Monday, March 22nd, 5pm pacific standard time. A winner will be announced on Wednesday, March 24th :). If your comments do not link back to your blog, contact me with your email address....especially if you find yourself the winner.

Good luck everyone!!!! 

And I apologize to those outside of North America. But hey...at least you can enjoy a bowl of Pomegranate Sorbet...no?

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  1. TOTALLY awesome Danielle!!! Both the Sorbet and the Giveaway... :) I really need to flex my sorbet making muscle. This really does look deliciously decadent.

  2. Oops, I forgot... This was what my bed looked like as a kid, but I did not have the bookcase headboard... http://www.allchildrensfurniture.com/Wildon-Home-400280F-400280T-CST2643.html

  3. That sorbet is such a killer, easy to make and must be so tasty and refreshing.
    Good luck with the giveaway, sigh!!!

  4. MAn, everyone has CSN giveaways going on now! I'm jealous:) I checked the site, and if you took the Lea Elite Rhapsody Poster Bed, cut the posts in half, then scratched the heck out of it, it would look like my old bed :) It was an antique from my great grandma's house!

  5. Hi Danielle,

    Haven't thought about my childhood bed in a long time. I already follow your blog on google reader and link on my sidebar. The tent beds remind me most of my childhood bed. Not because I had a tent bed but I made them all the time with blankets and clothespins. I wish I had one so fancy as these.

  6. Hi Danielle!! OK, here was my bed - kind of. (this one is nicer!): Hillsdale Westfield Youth Bed. I'm already a 'follower' of your blog - but not in a stalker kind of way. lol

  7. Beautiful color!Refreshing and delicious...Great giveaway, too!

  8. Great recipe! I want some!!!

    I had a brass head & foot board, not as nice as this:(

    I follow you already
    I'm your friend on facebook already
    I don't tweet
    going to post on facebook!!
    Thanks for the cance to win!!!

  9. Mmm, sorbet. My bed when I was a kid was pretty boring, no headboard or anything. In fact, it was a boxspring and mattress put up on cases of emergency canned food. Heh.

    If I had had my way I probably would have had something like this thing.

    It's kind of funny, I just realized I hadn't replaced my 9x13 pan that broke some time ago. How timely is that? ;)

  10. I've also favorited you on Facebook. I don't have a personal account, so I don't think I can fan things.

  11. I posted a link to the giveaway on facebook.

  12. The Jessica McClintock canopy looks like the one I had when I was a kid!

  13. My bed was plain like ...
    Hillsdale Taylor Falls Low Profile Bed

    Not what I would have chosen. CSN has a lot nicer ones and I am not sure I can choose what I like best.

  14. Following you on Face Book under Chaya comfy cook

  15. That is a hilarious story! I never had a canopy bed, I was underprivileged (ha ha).

  16. This one reminded me of my bed.

    Wildon Home Gilroy Twin Bed in Oak

    I would take my drawers out of the bottom and make a playhouse/tent out of it. I would bring snacks and a radio to stay awhile, but it only lasted for about an hour before I was bored and got out.

  17. Tweet


  18. I have posted the link on my facebook.

  19. Wonderful sorbet, Danielle. I often call these granitas when you do the fluffing. But then, it is served loose and not packed like your sorbet.
    Can't wait to try this 'cause we all love Pom!

  20. Following on facebook; networked blogs & blogspot. Great (refreshing) recipe!!! Better story; reminds me of how I used to throw the silverwear out the kitchen window when I had to wash dishes in order to get out & play outside. My grandmother would be out in the yard catching them, and I'd catch hell! LOL Stacey

  21. that pom sorbet sounds really good! Definitely a good use of the product. I'm so in the mood for sorbet lately. all of this 70 degree weather has got me ready for summer!

  22. what if i told you i still sleep in my childhood bed? i do. it's almost too small, but what can i say--it fits me like a glove. :)
    lovely giveaway and super sorbet! :)

  23. Pomegranate sorbet sounds like the perfect snack to eat in bed. This is a fantastic giveaway.
    I so enjoy following your blog!

  24. I always wanted a canopy bed when I was little and still do! LOL!

    Love the idea of Pomengrante Sorbet too. Hmmmmm....maybe after the snow melts from our most recent blizzard!

  25. we both had that white and gold furniture and canopy beds. remember?

  26. I just made the sorbet and it is in the process of freezing. I also made a separate batch to use for a drink. I will add some vodka to it and pour over ice.

    I don't have Facebook and I don't tweet.........oh well.


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