Yum Peaceful Cooking: Sir Sportsalot COOKS!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Sir Sportsalot COOKS!

Are you as amazed as I am?

Let me tell ya...when I was informed that Sir Sportsalot wanted to make dinner...I didn't argue. I wanted to. Not because he was going to cook, but because I had a plan. I was planning on making a recipe that I'd been wanting to cook for months. I was planning on making Julia Child's Boeuf Bourguignon!!!

But, I bit my tongue. Hard. And put my plans on hold. When one is presented with a miracle, one shuts up and accepts it.

This announcement was made in the middle of a Costco shopping trip. (I had lots of witnesses so he couldn't back down). We had bought lots of meat and of course we stalled in the baking section where they have all sorts of seasonings....and tossed a few new ones into our cart.

After all was said and done (and paid for....holy crap! Why do I spend twice as much when he goes with me?) Sir Sportsalot decided he wanted to cook the pork top sirloin steaks (a.k.a. really thick pork chops) with our new lemon pepper seasoning.

Oh....btw...I've been informed that he will resume his bbq'ing status in March. hmmm

I made a few suggestions (presented them as questions....cuz then it's his choice and not mine and we all know that our men like to "think" it's their choice, right?)

Well, lets just say, he cooked (while I presented the background "tips") and we enjoyed the outcome.

The marinade was very simple:

1 tablespoon Lemon & Pepper Seasoning Salt
Juice from 1/2 lemon
about 1 or 2 tablespoons of olive oil

Combine in a zip lock baggy and add 2 pork steaks

Allow to marinade for at least 30 minutes, in your fridge. More time would be better but 30 minutes was all the time we had

Preheat your oven to 375'

Coat an oven safe skillet with more olive oil and sear both sides of the "steak" (discard the marinade)... pour 1 cup chicken broth into the skillet and plop into the oven to finish cooking....time will depend on how thick your meat is...about 15 minutes maybe? Best bet is to use a meat thermometer if you're in doubt, until the meat has an inside temperature of about 170'

Meanwhile he steamed some asparagus and sauteed some mushrooms and onions. The meat was sliced and doused in the broth before serving.

mmmmmm....it was so delish. The meat was tender...the veggies were full of their own flavors...and you know what? It was wonderful to not have to cook but still have some small amount of input (read guidance) on what was done and how it was done.

Btw...I did have to plate the food for your viewing pleasure. I think it would've been too much to ask to have Sir Sportsalot do all that. Maybe someday....but for now....cooking the meal is just fine with me.

Oh and I did make the Boeuf Bourguignon a week later, and will post about that wonderful dish very soon.

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  1. Looks great! Glad he wanted to cook for you that's sweet!

  2. wait...what??? He cooked (not to be confused with grilled) I'm impressed! what's he want???

  3. Aww it's so cute that he wanted to cook! It's a good thing you took advantage of it while you could. I have a feeling it was one of those once-in-a-lifetime moments. The dish he made sounds delicious! Lemon pepper seasoning really works wonders on anything.

  4. I lovelemon pepper and use it a lot. How lucky your husband oooks.

  5. Well I say congratulations to the cook! And weren't you the smart, loving wife to be supportive and keep your mouth zipped? Hard to do, isn't it? But all turned out well...love what he did.

  6. Tango - thanks! at first I thought he meant grill, i was shocked!

    DD - LOL I know, right? I think he just wanted to eat something for dinner that he recognized!!! hahaha

    Joanna - ya, its a rarity for sure. He usually sticks to prego spaghetti and frozen garlic bread.

    Bonnie - this lemon and pepper seasoning smells sooo good just on it's own.

    Barbara - you are sooooo right!! I had to take a deep breath, argue with myself in my head before i could squeak out an "Ok" that probably resembled a question

  7. Mmmm, lemon pepper pork. Awesome.

    Heh, sometimes I wish my girlfriend would cook. But then I realize that she would move all my stuff around and I'd still have to do the dishes. :D

  8. That was very sweet of him. Great looking meal too. I love it when I get a break from cooking.

  9. So cute that he did the cooking! I always spend double when my husband goes shopping with me. Then we always come home with tons of meat and nothing else. Laughing now about you plating the food for him. When my husband is away on business he takes pictures of the food he cooks and emails them to me. The pictures are always really messy, but they make me laugh. Men, you just can't live without them.
    The pork looks succulent and delicious.

  10. I have to laugh every time you say "Sir Sportsalot"...just too funny.

    Ya know Mr. Tastebuds cooks too...maybe a cookoff between them in in order?


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