Yum Peaceful Cooking: Potato Soup Through the Ages

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Potato Soup Through the Ages


Simple, tasty, and full of memories.

This is one of those recipes I've had since I moved out....long long ago. A recipe I called my Nana to get. Back in the day when there was no such thing as nationwide calling. You better believe I got charged for every minute I was on that phone. Tediously writing down the ingredients and directions and asking questions as we went along.

Nana was so patient and thorough. I just love my Nana. I think I'll give her a call tomorrow and tell her so.

Now, I have to admit, this isn't her exact recipe. Not that there is anything wrong with Nana's recipe...but you know how it is. We just can't leave well enough along. We have to play with it and tweak it and make it our own. And I'm not saying that my variation is by any means better. It's just different.

I don't have a recipe with exact measurements. Sorry....just wing it. You'll be fine. It's a very forgiving recipe. I'll try and guide you in the right direction though.

First off, I got about 6 slices of bacon, chopped 'em up and fried them in the pot I planned on using for the soup

Remove the bacon (set aside for garnishing later) and leave enough fat in the pan to saute a chopped onion and a chopped celery stalk. Towards the end of the sauteing, add in a minced garlic clove. Mean while, peel and dice several potatoes. About 5 or 6, depending on the size. Add the potatoes to the onions and celery. 

Add enough chicken stock to the pot to cover the potatoes by about an inch

Add some seasoning.....a bay leaf, a bit of salt....maybe 1/4 tsp. of cumin....a dash of worchestershire sauce. Allow to simmer until the potatoes are done....but not mushy.

While thats going on, get some other goodies ready.....some broccoli, dice up about 4 oz of cheese. I used sharp cheddar and some swiss. (ya...it's that lunch sandwich version of swiss which is NOTHING like "real" swiss which might be why I like it cuz I'm not a swiss fan.) My sister likes to use velveeta.

I know....thats cumin and a bay leaf there, which are already in the soup. Don't worry about it. I'm just not writing this in the order of my pictures. I got ahead of myself or something.

Ok...so the potatoes are tender (not mushy)....time to take some (not all) of them out and set aside

Remove the bay leaf

If you have one....get out your handy dandy immersion blender (or tater masher or pour it into a blender or something)

And blend away!! Cream those taters...mash em up baby!

Once that task is done to your liking....add some broccoli

And Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese

Stir it up...and cook until the broccoli is tender and the cheese is melted

Return the potatoes that you had set aside to the pot

Season with white pepper

Were you ever told that you should season soup with white pepper instead of black pepper? Anyone know why?

Now give it a taste. Season with some salt and more pepper if needed. Garnish with cheese, green onions, sour cream and the bacon you cooked earlier....

and enjoy a wonderful bowl of what my daughter describes as "a twice baked potato in a bowl"

Which is very filling and satisfying 

Although I was only able to eat half the bowl before I was extremely full. 

But there might have been a reason that is totally unrelated to soup. Other than I enjoyed it while i was cooking my soup. 

Have you ever had or seen that strawberry / banana juice that's sold in the market along side the orange juice? 

Well, I finally found the reason for its existence.

One must mix it with Malibu Coconut Rum prior to consumption. 

Eat, Drink and Be Happy!

One last thing, then I'll let you go. I've entered my Potato Soup in the Souper Sunday fun that goes on over at Debs from Kahakai Kitchen. Check out her blog this Sunday and see all the other yummies that she has going on.


  1. There is something about potato soup that is just so good and comforting! Thanks for sending it along to Souper Sundays--I will add it to this week's round-up. ;-)

  2. Yummm Looks fabulous! There's nothing like good old comfort food!

  3. I love your Nana's soup. A garnish of bacon always, always makes anything better. How nice that you can still call her. I know she must look forward to hearing from you.

    We lived in the islands and rum was the drink of choice. Anything is always better with a rum drink.

    Happy Valentines Day.

  4. i was gonna scold you and say 'why not call your grandmother today? why wait til tomorrow?' then i saw that you posted at 11 pm--good call on holding off til the next day. :)

  5. That is potato soup with a "BAM!"!
    Looks wonderful, especially on a day like today....LOTS of fres snow on the ground and no place to be except here at home.
    The white pepper is for looks only. They figure the black dots floating around on a creamy, pale soup does not have eye appeal. I think the opposite. I like the looks of the black pepper!

  6. Oh man, I want some of that right now!

  7. Looks excellent!...I was gonna say the same thing as farm girl..white pepper is used in white soups for eye appeal

  8. You had me at the first photo...wow!

  9. You rummy you...

    But I do so love that soup!

  10. I do love a warm and comforting potato soup! As far as I know the white pepper is to keep a white soup or sauce white.
    I am a brat and use black anyway..

    And I seriously need a malibu/strawberry/banana cocktail! (make that six)

  11. It has been ages since I have had potato soup but I've always loved the comfort and warmth it provided. I need to get moving on trying this recipe!

  12. I love potato soup! Such a delicious comfort.

  13. We had a similar soup this week, but yours looks so much better. Don't you love those immersion blenders? What did we do before we had them?

  14. Best soup in the winter and the true definition of comfort food. I love potato soup.

  15. So many yummy things in that soup! And a perfect meal for this snowy winter weather.

  16. Worchestershire sauce...now I know what has been missing in my potato soup.

    Since we just had our 13th major blizzard for the season, next week might be an all soup week!

  17. Deb - I'm so glad I remembered this time :) sometimes (ok, most times) I'm such a "blonde"

    Tango - Thanks chickie!

    Sam - Bacon does everything good!! And ya...gotta love that rum! Happy Valentines Day to you too :)

    Grace - you crack me up!!! So I called her this morning...and she said..."if you asked me for that recipe today, I wouldn't remember. Maybe you should send me the recipe I gave you back then" LMAO!!

    Farmgirl - I agree....I like the black pepper flecks too. I wish we had a little snow on the ground here. Maybe not as much as you guys...but some would be nice :)

    Bob - Come on over dude and take some home to your gf

    Matt - Thanks Matt :)

    Muses - Thanks.....I'm trying to improve my photography. You all have bee so patient with me over the months

    Dave - LOL...does it take one to know one? hahaha

    Natashya - Brats UNITE!! I prefer the black pepper too

    Bridgett - well, what are you waiting for? Snow? LOL. Let me know how you like it (the soup, not the snow)

    Cinn Girl - It sure is.

    Cristie - I love my immersion blender!! Could you imagine mashing all that my hand?!

    Chris - Good stuff dude

    Linda - I think I had so much stuff that it almost wasn't potato soup anymore...hahaha

  18. Oh Michelle - I'd say I feel for ya on the blizzards but I've never experienced it. I think I can count on one hand (or less) how many times I've seen snowflakes fall from the sky (so sad). Enjoy your soups!! You should add them to Deb's round up :)

  19. Your nana has a winner here! The old recipes are always the best, especially when you can tweak them with your favorite ingredients!

  20. I love potato soup! It is like mashed potatoes but in soup form...so good. So comforting.

    I love this recipe-without-a-recipe...delicious.

    And I like just about anything with Malibu in it...my alcohol of choice.

  21. I love how creative you get with tweaking recipes! This soup looks so wonderfully creamy!

  22. The comment from your nana is the exact reason I made up a cookbook for all my children and a few select family and friends, I was beginning to forget some of my recipes. I am glad that you got this recipe, one of my favorite soups, got some new ideas from you. Thanks.

  23. Oh wow that looks good! And I love how you sneak a little bit of nice healthy broccoli in. The white pepper is for looks, but also I think the different heat and flavour works best in most soups, except tomato-based ones.


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