Yum Peaceful Cooking: French Toast Sammy

Monday, October 26, 2009

French Toast Sammy

There's a commercial for Kaiser Permanente that sings a song that goes something like this

When I grow up, I wanna be an old woman....

Well, here....lemme just show ya....

I don't know why, but I just love that commercial. When I first saw it, I thought...."it's so obvious that it's brilliant". When you were a little girl (sorry to the guys who are reading...but change the nouns accordingly) and someone asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up...did any of you ever think to say...an old woman? Of course not. Who wants to be old, right? But of course we all want to live long enough to be old. I remember thinking how cool it will be to someday be a grandmother. I know...thats probably a strange thing for a child to think about...but I've always looked forward to it. Maybe it's a testament to my wonderful grandmothers.

Anyways....where am I going with this?

Not very far....

I just wanna live a really long time

So I can enjoy this wonderful version of French Toast for a really long time!

and be a grandmother someday....but not too soon. I can totally wait for my girls to grow up 

Soooooo....when my youngest daughter asked me to cook breakfast and I had this on hand:

Potato Bread (store bought)
cream cheese
homemade strawberry jam
butter (for the pan)
powdered sugar

French Toast Sammys is what I made.

Mix a couple eggs, the milk, a bit of sugar and vanilla in a shallow dish (I used a pie tin)

Get some cream cheese and mix it with your favorite jam or jelly

Mix it together reeeeeeal good (might have to break out the hand mixer to get it all nice and smooth)


Dip your bread in the egg mixture and fry em up in a medium hot, buttered pan

Cook for a couple of minutes on each side

Heat your oven to 350' F. Place the cooked french toast on a cookie sheet and spread the cream cheese mixture over 1 slice....then place the other slice on top...

Heat in the oven for about 5 minutes. Just enough time for that cream cheese to get really creamy

Garnish with powdered sugar and a strawberry if you have one...I'm bummed that I didn't :(

This was one seriously good breakfast!

Oh and that commercial? Yep...it has a whooole other message to it that has to do with October and Pink...and it was a totally awesome coincidence that brought this whole post together.

Funny how that happens sometimes.

So I s'pose it would be fitting if I dedicated this post to the grandmother my girls never met and the mother-in-law I never met.

In loving memory of Grandma Sally


  1. Great commercial! And great tribute to your mother-in-law. Oh, and the French toast looks marvelous.

  2. Looks great!..and man it could go so many ways too..love recipes like this..oh and the song is by Michelle Shocked

  3. That sammy is gorgeous, would love a breakfast like that.

  4. Wow..I thought I was getting a recipe for french toast and I ended up crying!! Great post..Believe it or not Ive never seen that commercial before, how inspiring. I love any french toast, this however looks out of control..YUM

  5. A beautiful post. My grandmother is gone now (breast cancer - so this was especially dear), she could have been one of those fun gals in the commercial.

    And love the cream cheese and jam

  6. You're a girl after my own heart! How fabulously gooey and sinful!

  7. That is a delicious breakfast, Danielle!

  8. I wanna be one tooooo!
    Oh, and the french toast pic? totally awesome dudette, for reals.

  9. I also want to be an old lady. No wait, an old man, MAN!

    Mmmm, stuffed french toast is the bomb. I bet it was even better with the homemade jam.

  10. I LOVE Stuffed French Toast!!!! Deliciously sinful with it's gooey creamy fruity center... AWESOME! Great tribute too... :)

  11. I love that commercial! Thanks for sharing it and as for the French Toast Sammy...Yummy!! I've never had one. I think I should make them this weekend!

  12. mmmm. love a stuffed french toast! my favorite is nutella and marshmallow fluff! yummmm!

  13. Cathy - Thank you ma'am :)

    Matt - haha, I dont think I've ever heard of Michelle Shocked but I love the song!

    Dajana - by the time I got around to making it, I think it was more of a late brunch! LOL

    Figtree - awww...you didn't have to cry, but ya, it ended up be a touching post for me (didn't plan it that way but it took an unexpected turn)

    Spryte - good stuff huh

    Grill - Dave is it? I'm sorry about your grandmother :(.

    Fresh - if you're gonna be sinful, you might as well be gooey. (hmm...have no idea what that means...it was funnier in my head)

    Erica - Thanks :)

    DD - I sooo pictured you and I as some of those old women!!!! LMAO and ya, I kinda like that pic too...I surprise myself sometimes

    Bob - LMAO!!! you're such an old woman! hahaha

    Shane - I can imagine you'd find some pretty wildly fun stuff for french toast

    Ungourmet - Lemme know how it turns out!

    Heather - nutella and marshmallow fluff!! HOLY MOLY....ya, now THATS the ticket

  14. These look heavenly delicious with that strawberry cream cheese! Love it!

  15. What a fabulous stuffed french toast sandwich. Touching tribute to your MIL. :)

  16. I love your post. I love the commercial. I love your crazy wonderful sandwich. And I especially love how you want to be a grandmother someday but not too soon in little tiny print!


  17. Oh my.... I am inlove with your french toast.

  18. Oh, love this post Dani! Great commercial, I've never seen it before...and the french toast...drool!!

  19. Oh! Your French toast look so delicious...with the filling...absolutely yummie :-)What a great treat!

  20. I was totally surprised because I thought this was going to be Monte Cristo sandwiches.

    These look yummy, kind of like "stuffed french toast".

  21. What a decadent sandwich--it looks delicious!


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