Yum Peaceful Cooking: Chicken Scampi

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Chicken Scampi


When you make something that is so simple, so quick and so damn good....

I feel like that dog in that really old cartoon that use to float through the air when someone gave him a biscuit. He'd get all happy and hug himself and go "mmmmmm" and all sorts of stuff that my old mind wont let me remember. Does anyone remember him? And what the hell was his name!?


This is one of those "you gotta love garlic" recipes. I happen to be one of those people.

In a BIG way!

First I took a bunch of broccoli and several crimini mushrooms that were sliced and sauteed them in some EVOO. Removed those from the pan.

Then I took a couple of chicken breasts, sliced those up and seasoned with Salt and Pepper. Next I Minced several...I dunno...maybe 6? garlic cloves. Then I melted some butter and more EVOO in the pan. Sauteed the chicken with the garlic. I think I even added more butter to the pan and let the chicken saute some more until it was cooked through.


Now...there is a purpose for all that butter and garlic. Cuz I tossed the broccoli and mushrooms back in...and then served it all over some pasta. And you know what else? I took a spoon and scooped up that buttery, garlicy juice and poured it over everything. 



Oh ya...and the dog? His name is Snuffles!!!


  1. Oh I would totally eat that. I also love garlic.

  2. Until a couple of years ago I wouldn't even come near something that smelled like garlic, now I'm like a dog sniffing around, and garlic is everywhere.
    This is so quick and good, thanks for the idea.

  3. i LOVE scampi. if it wasn't so offensive, i'd eat mounds of garlic on just about everything. the broccoli is a great addition, too!

  4. Only 6 cloves? LOL I love garlic toooo! I also love that little dog, he used to be my fav!

  5. I only wish garlic liked me...but your dish looks terrific. And Snuffles was one of my favorite cartoons.

  6. Quick Draw McGraw was just a little frightening to me when I was 4.

    But your scampi is terrific... A tad more garlic is needed, but that is to taste ;)

  7. Looks great! If everyone eats the garlic no one will notice the garlic breath!

  8. YUM! Garlic is my middle name. LOL...LOVE it! But really, do you need a reason for lots of garlic and butter? I think not. And yes, I remember him :D

  9. Don't think I've ever had Chicken Scampi before...now I have to try this!

  10. I want what your having for dinner!! I love garlic - such a good idea to make scampi with chicken. I do remember the dog! Makes me feel old.

  11. Ive never had chicken scampi, just shrimp scampi, I think that calls for 6 cloves as well. Ill have to try this with chicken, great change up.

    Ive heard one can chew on fresh parsley to get rid of garlic breath:)

  12. Bob - garlic just makes everything taste great

    Dajana - oooh...I'd love to see what variety you come up with.

    Grace - I know, right? I'd eat tons of garlic way more than I already do...if only.

    DD - LOL...only 6. Well, I use really large cloves? haha

    Cathy - oh no...you can't do garlic? I'm so terribly sad for you :(

    Grill - in my defense, I only used 2 halves of a chicken breast LOL

    Michele - true...so very true! Thank God my family loves garlic too!

    Heather - you're right..who needs a reason for more garlic and butter....its so obvious!

    Michelle - I wanna hear what you think of it. Of course you can't go wrong with scampi

    Reeni - I know...that cartoon makes me feel old too. The gals at work (and i won't say how young they arent) don't even know who Snuggles is LOL

    Donna - parsley? really? hmmm....thats a good tip. i wonder if it works on other things that leave a "flavor" in the mouth LOL

  13. We love shrimp scampi, but your chicken scampi rocks. Gorgeous is the first word that comes to mind. Your photos are fabulous also. Wow.

  14. Wanna get rid of garlicky breath? Eat a bunch of Limburger cheese and sardines :) :) :) (No one will notice the garlic at all!)

  15. Sam - So nice to meet you...and thank you :) I hope you get a chance to try it sometime. I'm allergic to fish so I don't get to take advantage of all the yummy fish recipes out there...so I change them to chicken!

    Chris - LMAO!!! I think I'll stick with the garlic...and then maybe serve garlic ice cream for dessert :D. We have a restaurant in Hollywood I think, called the Stinking Rose....it's all about garlic...maybe I'll suggest your "garlic breath cure" to them HAHA

  16. Bring on the garlic! It looks delicious.

  17. Tawny LOVES chicken scampi... and I've never made it!! I'll have to get on it! Looks GREAT!


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