Yum Peaceful Cooking: Chorizo and Corn Cakes

Friday, September 4, 2009

Chorizo and Corn Cakes

Ready for some good stuff?


My first exposure to mexican chorizo was back a few weeks when I made Paella and used it instead of Spanish chorizo. I've been wanting to try it in its natural "habitat" ever since.

With the advice of a very sweet and helpful co-worker, I presented chorizo to my family last night. I purchased beef chorizo from the market (they also have pork chorizo). However from what I understand, its not nearly as good as the chorizo that is made by the "chorizo man" and sold every few months. I'm gonna have to get my hands on some of that stuff!!

Anyways....here's what I did this time (I have other plans for next time)


I sliced a few potatoes....small chunks would've been good too. I also sliced some onion, garlic and jalapeno (in my whimpy ass version...the seeds and ribs were removed)....and sauteed. I only used 2 potatoes and 1 jalapeno for my 12oz chorizo. Chorizo has a very over powering presence. I probably should've used 3 or 4 potatoes and 2 or more jalapenos. But it was still really good!

I then removed the potatoes from the pan and squished the chorizo into the pan and cooked until done. Then tossed the potatoes back in.


Aaaaaand....while all this was going on I made these corn cakes...oh man....these things were seriously good stuff!!

I'll show you what I did but you'll have to get the recipe from the same place I got it from...

Its basically corn, cheese, eggs, sugar, salt and butter....all blended together in a food processor

btw....this thing is over 20 yrs old and it kicks ass!!!

Then I divided the mixture between small sheets of aluminum foil....


Twisted the ends and steamed for about an hour


Scooped it all out and served with my chorizo and a simple salad of tomatoes, avocados and red onions with lime juice drizzled over the top.

I would've loved to have had some cilantro for this dish.... It would've been great with the chorizo and in the salad. but...(sigh)...I didn't have any. :( My local market was out of it?!Photobucket

Sooooo....Have you ever cooked with mexican chorizo? What did you do with it?

Ohh...and, do you want to play the Chorizo drinking game? For every time I said "Chorizo" (ya, that time counts too)....you get to take a shot of tequila. See what a great hostess I am? Photobucket


  1. i love that Patron and you know it!..looks great

  2. You did a great job!!!! It look delicious.

  3. Your corn cakes are similar to Corn Pudding which is a big favorite in our home.

    Chorizo is something I never developed a taste for but should try again. Sometimes things that I did not like when I was younger are now delicious with my "aged" tastebuds!

  4. My favorite breakfast as a child was chorizo, scrambled eggs and potatoes! Kudos to you for trying the Mexican version. Those corn cakes look delicious too!

  5. This looks delicious! I love how you steamed the corn cakes. I've only had chorizo a few times and never cooked it myself.

  6. Um. Is chorizo something I've ever tried? How 'bout "what haven't I tried with some chorizo?" LMAO...You wanna know some good stuff to do with chorizo, look no further, fellow lush. Cook it up, drain a tiny bit of grease if you wish, drop in whipped up eggs and scramble it up into chorizo con huevos. Wrap 'em up in tortillas sprinkle with cilantro..perhaps salsa & onion...wash down with Mexican Beer. The breakfast of champions! okay, that was just one thing, but talk to me off of here if you need more ideas :D Good thing I have a said Mexican beer in hand so that I can play your ever-so-gracious hostess game! :P

  7. OH! And don't forget the crumbled queso fresco on top!

  8. I was just going to say the same thing as Michelle..the corn cakes are a lot like corn pudding...yum! It all looks delicious!

    I think I recognize that food processor...Is it an Oscar or something like that? My mother gave me one for Christmas when I moved into my first apartment....long, long time ago.

  9. Looks delicious--I love chorizo, it has such great flavor.

  10. Matt - bring on the patron!

    Erica - thank you :) your recipe is delish!! I'm so glad I saw it. I love corn cakes and El Torito has nothing on you! (I had my first corn cake at El Torito and thought they were really good. pphhhttt what did i know LOL)

    Michelle - I'll have to try the corn pudding and see how similar the recipes are. For the chorizo...I just recommend mixing it with lots of something else cuz it's very flavorful. Scrambled eggs are a common mixer. who knows, maybe you'll like it :)

    Food - I think chorizo with the eggs and potatoes would be awesome! I haven't tried that yet.

    Reeni - I wish I could've steamed the corn cakes in the corn husks as suggested in Erica's recipe but I didn't have any husks :(. the chorizo cooks up in minutes...so easy.

    Heather....I knew you'd be a wealth of chorizo info! I'll come looking for you when I get my hankerin for chorizo. Enjoy your mexican beer!!! LUSHES UNITE!!!

    Cookiebaker - Mine is a Sunbeam...I got it as a wedding gift about 21 yrs ago.

    Deb - it really does have great flavor :) I can't wait to get my hands on some authentic, homemade stuff.

    Pat...(my brother who commented but did it weird and it didn't show up here, it emailed me instead) LOL....your gonna have to get those alabama grocery stores up to par! Dont they have any little mexican markets in Albertville yet? or Boaz?

  11. Alexis just brought home some chorizo yesterday, so I'm looking forward to trying something like this.

  12. Chris - I dont think you can BBQ chorizo hahahaha I can't wait to see what you do :)

  13. Normally I subscribe to 1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila, floor... But 15, are you tryin to kill me!?!? LOL

    Lookin good though, I have never had corn cakes, I will have to try these...


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