Yum Peaceful Cooking: 4-Cheese Jalapeno Poppers

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

4-Cheese Jalapeno Poppers


Warning: Although this recipe was a great success....please learn from my mistakes as noted.

I mean...I knew the risks, but I didn't think it would happen to me.

I didn't think it would pertain to Jalapenos.

I didn't think.

These little lovelies were my main contribution to the final summer hurrah! As stated on my recipe notes by one of my daughters YUM (followed by a smiley face).


You will start out with....

Lots of Jalapenos. The quantity will depend on the size.

Yes, size matters

I started with 12 very large Jalapeno Peppers


and ended up needing 17.

You will also need:
12oz cream cheese, softened
3 oz cheddar cheese, shredded
3 oz pepper jack cheese, shredded
3 oz monterey jack cheese, shredded
1 cup milk (more if needed)
1 cup flour (more if needed)
2 cups bread crumbs (more if needed)
Oil for deep frying

Combine the cheeses in a medium bowl.

Place your milk in another bowl, your flour in a separate bowl and your bread crumbs in yet another separate bowl.

You will make a slit along the length of one side of each jalapeno (not cutting all the way though)


With a spoon, scoop out the seeds and scrape the ribs off the wall (unless you really like the heat....I'm a whimp so I scraped). Be careful when scraping so you don't rip them or puncture them with the end of the spoon.

Kinda looks like one of those change purses I use to keep my lunch money in

Now....this is where I must ask that you heed the warnings

WEAR GLOVES! I have chopped, diced and sliced jalapenos before and have not had any issues other than spicy fingers for a little while. And even though I did not touch the insides of any of these jalapenos....the skin on my fingers burned. And tingled. They felt like they were extremely chapped. Not fun.

If you can, WEAR GLASSES! umm....getting squirted in the eye by jalapeno juice is not fun. You might want to keep your mouth shut too

And....VENTILATION! After every 3 0r 4 gutted jalapenos, I had to toss the insides into the trash....inhaling jalapeno fumes causes one to cough.


Stuff each pepper with the cheese mixture


Dip in milk, then roll in flour, set aside to dry


Once dry (about 10 or so minutes later), dip in milk again and roll in bread crumbs. Set aside to dry....


And one final time.....dip in milk and roll in bread crumbs, making sure they're thoroughly coated.

Only this time I got smart. I realized that the little stems that I left on the peppers could be pretty handy during these steps. Do yourself a favor and pour the milk into a tall glass. Don't fill too much cuz it will overflow, and dip away....


Set them all aside to dry and await for your big ole pot of ole to heat up to about 350 - 360'


Check these babies out!!!


Once the oil is heated, carefully drop about 3 or 4 peppers into the oil for about 2 or 3 minutes or until golden brown.


Let cool on a paper towel before serving.

I didn't have anything to dip them in, but I bet Ranch Dressing would've been good. I also wanted to wrap some bacon around them, but Sir Sportsalot vetoed that idea. (wth??). But they were good as is :)



  1. mmmmmm....love jalapeño poppers...sorry to laugh at you, but funny post :)

  2. No jalapenos around here.
    But it does sound great

  3. this isn't quite salubrious, is it? no worries about that, your poppers are fantastic! so much cheese, so much spicy, fried goodness. :)

  4. Great post:) My husband would love those.

  5. Heather - don't apologize for laughing...my goal was accomplished :)

    Dajana - I think you could use any kind of pepper you want. Do you have anything similar in Italy?

    Grace - Girl...I have a hard enough time making Sunday's salubrious! I can't give up the fat, fried, cheesy goodness all together, I'd go nuts! LOL

    Erica - Just remember, if you ever make them....at least wear latex gloves!

  6. I will suck it up and give this a try anyways! I have been gutting peppers all summer for salsa's and hot pepper jelly... I didn't think about just straight stuffin' them. Thanks a bunch!!!!

  7. These look fantastic! I have been wanting to make these for weeks now. Every time I get a batch from my garden I say I'm going to make them and don't. Now I'm inspired!

  8. We do a similar thing on the smoker. All the Q-heads call them ABT's (short for Atomic Buffalo Turd, I lie not). It's a cheese & cream cheese stuffed jalapeno wrapped in bacon and smoked for 90 minutes or so. LOVE these things and yours look fantastic.

    I learned the glove lesson when we made 100 of the ABT's for a party we catered for a friend. My hands burned for days and god help you if you "touch down there" even AFTER washing your hands. The oils are very insoluble its tough getting them off your hands.

  9. They look delicious... One of my favorite "bad for you" foods filled with cheesy goodness YUM!!!! Sorry bout the issues with the fumes and the juice... I learned the hard way when I make Jerk with Scotch Bonnets... :)

  10. Wow, they look great. Your tips were really helpful too.

  11. BiscottiQueen - I'm so glad you stopped by!! I hope you get a chance to make some :)

    Reeni - well? what are you waiting for? I mean...come on girl, you have them in your garden even!

    Which reminds me...at the mexican market I saw some lady going through the peppers and she pick one and barely split and licked it...then tossed it back into the PILE!! OMG! Needless to say, I bought the ones that the market pre-bagged.

    Chris - My brother makes those too, only he just grills them, no smoking. AND he leaves all the seeds inside. And ya....no wandering hands! LMAO

    Shane - funny how, just like kids, we have to learn things the hard way....duh

    Hi Linda - ya, I'm hoping my "what seems obvious" tips will save someone. :)

  12. wrap these in bacon and grill these puppies...They look fabulous


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