Yum Peaceful Cooking: Eggs $1.70 a dz, Bell Pepper $2.99 lb.....

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Eggs $1.70 a dz, Bell Pepper $2.99 lb.....

.....Breakfast cooked by your daughter....priceless!!

This morning before I left for work, before most teens even think about getting up on a summer day, and even before the cat was awake

Ok, I'll give you that one....the cat's always asleep. I'm sure the other one was too but I couldn't find his fat ass.

Anyways...early this morning Natalie asked me if I wanted an egg for breakfast. She's discovered how good eggs are when you add tons of goodies. Most people do this with omelettes, but not Natalie. She makes "Fancy Scrambled Eggs".

Last week she jokingly sent a picture of her breakfast to my phone (thinking she was sooo funny cuz I'm always taking pictures of food). When I offered to blog about her breakfast I think she kinda liked the idea. Sooo....here it is.

She started off sauteing mushrooms, onions and I think garlic but I didn't catch everything she chopped up...oh ya...and some orange bell pepper....

(hmmm....what are those green things in there? Must be a couple of green onions that snuck into the wrong baggy)

Then she added in some grape tomatoes, sliced in half....


Added a couple of eggs...


Scrambled and stirred until softly cooked, then topped with some chopped cilantro and cheese....


Meanwhile toast up something good. I love Thomas English Muffins. My kids have discovered these new Hearty Grains, Whole Wheat, Extra Fiber honey sweetened, good for you Thomas Muffins that are pretty good. Maybe a little sweet...but not bad.


So I saw a couple in the toaster and I asked Nat if one was for me.

Her reply...Noooo! I didn't know you'd want one!

Ooook, guess I'll make my own. I can do that much. After all she IS making me Fancy Scrambled Eggs.....

And serving them up in a Fancy Bowl...


Hmm...is this payback for something done many moons ago? I mean she KNEW I was taking pictures! The little shit.

(Love you baby doll....breakfast was great!)


  1. aww..that definitely is priceless!! :)

  2. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon!
    every pennny counts ...
    Thanks for sharing!

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