Yum Peaceful Cooking: Smoke House Cheesy Garlic Bread #SundaySupper

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Smoke House Cheesy Garlic Bread #SundaySupper

How do you define "hometown food"? Is it food from the town you grew up in? From the town you currently live in? Maybe it's from the town that has your heart...you know that saying..'home is where your heart it'.

I had a difficult time deciding what to make for today's Sunday Supper theme. The town where I grew up is out of the way, hidden between a few mountains and from what I remember, wasn't known much for their food. I do remember a great burger joint or two. I also considered where my heart is, and most of my family but I think I've posted several southern dishes which actually represent a culture more than the town in Alabama where my folks live.

So that left me with my current location of nearly 30 yrs....beautiful downtown Burbank. We have an awful lot of restaurants in town. Mostly chains. Some new, some old. Some great and some not so much. But there's one restaurant down by the studios that has been around for decades. Owners have changed a few times as has the menu a bit but the one thing that the Smoke House is famous for is their Cheesy Garlic Bread.

The Smoke House is a great steak house with wonderful prime rib, a fabulous Sunday brunch and a real old time classic feel to it, complete with a bar, lounge and live music. It's been around since the end of WWII and used to be frequented by Hollywood legends such as Bob Hope and Bing Cosby. Dinning there has always been a great way to celebrate a special occasion. Regardless of what you order, several orders of cheesy garlic bread are a must. Plus one to go. The locals even make special trips just to pick up a few orders to take out. Nothing else....just cheesy garlic bread.

One of my dearest friends shared a recipe for their cheesy garlic bread. Funny thing is that the recipe calls for shredded American cheese, but there's a note at the bottom that says: 'or use powdered cheese (ie: the cheese packet from boxed macaroni and cheese)'.

Really?!...hmmm. That little note sure got my attention. Mostly because the cheesy garlic bread from the Smoke House doesn't have melty cheese all over it yet has that cheesy flavor. This must be the "trick".

I decided to try it both ways. One with the shredded American cheese and the other with powdered cheese. I knew in my heart which one was going to be closest to the real thing, but I had to do it anyway.

Btw...if you're looking at this from a "healthy" perspective, I don't feel that one is better than the other since American cheese is processed anyway so it's not like the powdered cheese is replacing the "real thing".

One more thing, you need to plan ahead as the garlic butter needs 3 days to do it's thing.

Smoke House Cheesy Garlic Bread

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makes 2 loaves

1/2 cup melted butter
4 teaspoons dried garlic granules*  or 4 cloves of fresh garlic, smashed and diced **
1 loaf of Italian bread
1/4 lb of American cheese, shredded (not sliced) OR 4 tablespoons of powdered cheese (or to taste)

(you can find American cheese in block form at the deli counter of most grocery stores)

*If using the dried garlic granules: In a small bowl, combine the melted butter with the smashed and diced garlic. Cover and let sit on the counter for 3 days.

**If using fresh garlic: In a small bowl, combine the melted butter with the smashed and diced garlic. Cover and let sit in the fridge for 3 days. (fresh garlic in any kind of oil that is not refrigerated can become the perfect host for botulism) 

Once the 3 days are up, strain out the garlic (the butter might need to be heated up a tad first so the garlic can be removed easily). The garlic aroma and flavor is intense! Suweeeet!!!

Liberally brush the garlic butter over the bread. Sprinkle either the shredded American cheese or the powdered cheese all over. I actually found powdered cheese in a jar in the spice section of my grocery store.

Btw, grating American cheese is kinda weird. It mostly felt like I was just pushing the cheese through the grater. But man, it really does melt nicely. 

The cheese sprinkles where a lot let messy but not as pretty. 

Place the loaves in a hot broiler for a minute or two. Keep a close eye on it at all times as once it gets going it goes from done to burnt in a matter of seconds. 

Then let it cool for a second. Slice and serve.

When all is said and done, the powdered cheese version is spot on...Smoke House Cheesy Garlic Bread! If you've moved from the area and miss this local Burbank treat, here's your fix.

Me? I have a thing for melty. I think the real star in this recipe actually, is the method used to make the garlic butter. It's a lot easier and better than the methods I've been using or trying over the years. How you choose to cheese your garlic bread is totally up to you.

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  1. That's really interesting -- how to make your garlic butter. I'm going to try it!

  2. Who wouldn't inhale cheesy garlic bread! I sounds terrific!

  3. I've LOVE a batch of these and some delicious pasta, please? They look #droolworthy! YUM!

  4. I love your theory about the American vs the powdered stuff. But I gotta tell ya, the way you made the garlic butter oh my that can go a long way. And I do believe would be perfect with Lobster Tails, something I never made and rarely eat because t's so pricy. SO maybe, a great dip with prawns. What do you think? (um, of course in addition to this garlic bread.)

  5. This looks so good! I love it!! Mmmm

  6. And so I'm sitting here wondering what it would be like to sprinkle on the powdered cheese then top it with the other cheese. Sorry, I know. I can't help myself. I'm a cheese addict and love all cheesy goodness.
    Oh, the garlic butter...I'll make that and use it on lots of things.

  7. I would inhale this! I cannot resist a good, cheesy piece of garlic bread. Yum!

  8. I was maybe wondering if your hometown was somewhere in upstate New York, as they are known for smoke houses up there, but I really had no clue, lol! This bread though.... Oh my god. How delicious does that look?! Wow!

    -Julie @ Texan New Yorker

  9. My husband and I are sitting here DROOLing over these!

  10. You had me at cheese and garlic bread. Your looks fantastic!

  11. This looks perfect!!!! And from a Steak House----now I want steak and bread.

  12. I would never of thought to use powdered cheese. I've seen it at our bulk food store. Going to give this a try soon.

  13. I'd eat this first and the rest of the meal later!


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