Yum Peaceful Cooking: Vegetarian Breakfast Burrito

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Vegetarian Breakfast Burrito

Filling, tons of flavor and a very hearty breakfast. I love breakfast burritos but the ones I usually eat are loaded with potatoes. And meat. This time I went a different route (inspired by my very health conscious youngest daughter). There are more vegetables in this burrito than anything else.

I did not miss the potatoes (and I happen to love potatoes). Although there are sweet potatoes in that mass pile of veggies. I didn't even miss the meat. much. Well, if I think about it too much.....naaa. I'm not that bad.

This breakfast was perfect for another reason besides being a satisfying breakfast. It gave me the opportunity to clean out the crisper. And that's exactly what I did...I grabbed everything I could find that I thought would go well together and started chopping away...

Leeks, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, jalapenos. (I wish I had some zucchini). All thrown into the sizzling pan with olive oil....sauteed, then some minced garlic thrown in....oh, and a bit of rosemary. Of course salt and pepper were added in the end.

My daughter cooked up some meatless crumbles (odd little brown crumbles that look just like ground beef but aren't. They don't have much flavor, but they aren't bad) and fried up some vegan bacon. The vegan bacon had nice flavor....and it tries real hard to have that bacon texture but it doesn't quite get it done. I'm not opposed to it, but you won't find me giving up bacon in the long run. Or the short run. Once in a while...I don't mind eating better than I usually do. I should do it more often. Maybe some day.

Then there's this stuff...almond jalapeno jack style cheese alternative (that's a mouthful to say). Not bad. Texture is about right. The flavor isn't cheese...its more like...nothing. With the jalapenos and the cheesy texture, sure...it works.

So, you take all these goodies, pile it on a warm tortilla, pour some really good salsa over the whole mound of good-for-you yummy stuff, top with sliced avocado. If you're not a vegan, throw on a poached egg or two and garnish with cilantro.

I think the only trouble you'll have here is rolling up that bad boy. Work it, it'll happen. Almost. Then you shove it your face and think...(if you're not already one)....ya, I can be a vegetarian.

Once in a while.

I don't have measurements here. You just eyeball it. If you have leftover veggies (which I did) use them in your next meal. Toss them in a soup. Mix them with some quinoa and dinner is a done deal. No brainer.

After eating this, you might want to skip lunch. A nap wouldn't be out the question either. If nothing else, you'll feel better just for eating better.

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