Yum Peaceful Cooking: Brujas and Peotches Halloween Cocktail

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Brujas and Peotches Halloween Cocktail

Happy Halloween

Have you ever played with candied vodka? To be honest with you, until this past weekend I had never even heard of it.

Until I watched Nadia G. on Bitchen Kitchen's Halloween Special play with some. 

What fun! The candy flavor really comes through. 

Pick a candy (gummy works great...and so does hard candies). Toss a good handful into a sealable glass jar along with about a cup or so of vodka. Let the candy get sauced for about 2 days, shaking the jar 3 times a day. Strain the vodka and get ready to play.

One jar contained lemon drops, another had gummy peach rings and the third was red vines.

When I strained my vodka, I placed cheese cloth over a mason jar and screwed on a band to hold the cloth in place. Worked beautifully.

And how could I pass up this wicked find? 

Brujas and Peotches Halloween Cocktail

2 shots peach (aka peotch) candy vodka

2 shots orange juice
topped with lemon lime soda

Its tangy and sweet...with a hidden bite.

I haven't decided what to do with the other two flavors but I'm sure it won't take me long.


  1. Genius! I haven't seen that episode yet. Loving the simple cocktail + the use of dry ice to make it festive!

  2. Totally awesome! Love it. Happy Halloween.

  3. This halloween cocktail article is totally awesome. I appreciate the time and the efforts you put in for this incredible post.


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