Yum Peaceful Cooking: Godiva Chocolate Truffle Coffee Float

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Godiva Chocolate Truffle Coffee Float

A couple of weeks ago, I told ya'll about the coffee I had received from Godiva  through the Tastemaker Program and the Double Nut Godiva Iced Coffee I made with their Hazelnut Creme Coffee. Well, I hadn't done anything with the Chocolate Truffle coffee yet. Then one morning I made myself a little pot of it and sat in my backyard to enjoy it.

(yes, I know. I put a lot of cream and sugar in my coffee. I've tried not to....but I just can't do it any other way.)

Well, let me tell you...this little cup (read: big mug) of coffee was amazing. The chocolate flavor was bold and silky and smooth. I've tasted chocolate coffees before but none as perfect as this. It was like chocolate heaven in my mouth but it wasn't too much chocolate. What I mean is....don't think "chocolate milk" or "chocolate flavoring".....those coffee beans must've been bred with cocoa beans or something because the two flavors meshed as one and it was obvious to my taste buds that they were made for each other.

That's when I decided....Yes, I need to do something special with this bag of coffee as well. So I quickly saved and chilled the rest of the coffee in the coffee pot. You see...I'm a 'one cup of coffee a day' kinda gal and I had made half a pot. And even though I knew I wouldn't have enough time to play with the coffee that day....I did not want to waste even a drop. So in the fridge it went while I pondered the possibilities for a few days.

I wish I could remember what lead me to the idea of a coffee float. (I wish I could remember a lot of things but that's a different story). I looked up some recipes but none of them were what I was imagining in my head. Part of the fun of a root beer float (the ideal model for my coffee float) is the foaming ice cream. And that comes from the fizz.

My coffee needed fizz.

Chocolate Truffle Coffee Float
(makes 2 floats)
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1 1/2 cups strong Godiva Chocolate Truffle coffee
1/2 cup simple syrup
1/2 cup club soda
6 scoops vanilla ice cream (divided)

In a small saucepan combine the coffee and simple syrup. Over medium to low heat, reduce by half being careful not let it boil (nothing worse than burned coffee flavor).

Allow to cool a bit then chill in the fridge.

When ready to serve, put 3 scoops of ice cream in a tall glass. Add the club soda to the reduced coffee and pour 1/2 of the coffee mixture over the ice cream and there you have it.

What you'll experience is the creaminess of the vanilla ice cream followed by the wonderfully fizzy chocolaty flavor of this amazing coffee. Truly a delightful experience.

I just can't decide if this should be for dessert or breakfast....


  1. Pure comfort and decadence all rolled in one. Very appealing!

  2. This sounds fanatastic. I have to buy ice cream.

  3. So refreshing especially in the summer.


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