Yum Peaceful Cooking: HBin5 Tabbouleh Bread, Kibbeh Burgers and a Winner!

Monday, November 29, 2010

HBin5 Tabbouleh Bread, Kibbeh Burgers and a Winner!

Let's get the exciting news out first! I mean...it's not like it's a good news or bad news kind of thing....it's all good, but I wanna mix things up (I usually announce the winner at the end of a post)...Let me tell ya who won the $30 Willow House Giveaway....

Joanna from Go Ahead and Snicker!!!

Let's give Joanna a big round of applause! Woooo hooooo!!! (whistles, cheers, hurrays)

Send me an email or contact Michele from Willow House directly :) Congrats girlfriend!!!

I also want to thank Michele for allowing me to host such a fun giveaway!

And now for the other half...the food half of this post. I've been a little slow in the bread area of my cooking / baking. I haven't had the time or....energy to really dig into the past couple of assignments. Not that Healthy Bread in 5 Minutes a Day takes much time or energy but between the Pom Wonderful Dinner Party, Cupcake Camp LA and Thanksgiving, all within 3 weeks of each other....I had my hands full. Not that I didn't enjoy every minute of everything I was doing and created some great memories and awesome experiences. But, it just didn't leave much room for venturing into new bread. I mean, I did make some bread for the dinner party and in between...just nothing from the new assignments.

Btw...just in case you're new on the block....HBin5 is an online bread baking braid (group) that I participate in, hosted by Michelle over at Big Black Dogs. If you'd like to check it out and see what it's all about, (and please do, I highly recommend it. We still have a year to go in our baking adventures and you're all invited to join in, anytime) click ------>HERE<-----------

Oh boy...I just realized that this particular bread....Tabbouleh Bread with Parsly, Garlic and Bulgur is from a month ago and I totally missed the assignment from the 15th (not sure if I'll get to that or just begin on the Dec. 1st assignment next)....but either way...better late than never. I have to say, this bread was worth the wait. So glad it was late rather than never. I love the aroma....garlic, onions, and parsley, along with the earthiness of bulgur wheat...YUM! I have to say I was surprised that it didn't brown more. But, hey...with all those flavors, you don't sweat the little things, right?

 This dough made beautiful buns regardless.

I want to take a quick moment to say how useful Facebook can be. You see, this was my first experience with bulgur wheat and I really didn't need that much for the dough (I've got lots left over). I asked my friends on Facebook what I could make with bulgur (besides tabbouleh) and I got a whole slew of wonderful ideas! One of them being to make Kibbeh. Kibbeh? (I asked)....What's Kibbeh? After a shared recipe and a little research, I found that it is a Lebanese dish similar (though not exactly) to meatloaf...only more interesting.  Problem is, I'm not a meatloaf fan (I know, I know...so very unamerican of me). Or a fan of large masses of ground meat in any form. That's when I decided to make the meat recipe into burgers (though I did find out I'm not the first person to think of this). The results were wonderful! Flavorful! Delicious!

I'm not claiming that this recipe is authentic. It seems that Kibbeh recipes vary as much as meatloaf recipes do (with a few common threads)....I did adjust my version a bit to suit my families tastes. (I have to admit that I didn't tell anyone what they were eating until afterward....I hate preconceived taste bud notions). 

Kibbeh Burger
Printable Version

1 lb ground meat (I used 1/2 lb beef and 1/2 lb lamb)
1 cup soaked, drained, bulgur wheat
1/2 cup water
2 cups coarsely chopped onion
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon pepper
1/2 teaspoon cumin
1/2 teaspoon allspice
1/4 cup lightly toasted pine nuts
1/4 cup chopped parsley
Cheese of your choice (I used a mediterranean cheese called halloumi)
burger buns

In a food processor, process the onions until finely chopped. Add the meat and 1/2 cup water, salt, pepper, cumin and allspice. Process until smooth. Add the bulgur wheat, parsley and pine nuts....mix briefly. Form into 6 patties and cook as you normally would any other burger.

Meanwhile, I mixed a little mayonnaise with some garlic, green onion and lemon juice to spread on my Tabbouleh Burger Buns, after they were toasted a bit of course

A little cheese, lettuce and tomatoes and you have a filling, tasty, if slightly different, kind of burger.

You see that cheese there? Like I mentioned earlier...it's called halloumi. Its a very mild, almost crumbly, a little dense, kinda soft, not so hard cheese made from a mixture of goats milk and sheeps milk (man....it's all over the cheese spectrum). It's suppose to be great for grilling and frying since it holds up to heat really well. Halloumi can be found in Middle Eastern markets in case you'd like to check it out. I like it...and am thinking it would be great for breading and deep frying instead of mozzarella cheese.

And don't go too far away. I have a couple more giveaways up my sleeve coming your way real soon.

This is my entry into Hearth and Soul Blog Hop this week. I hope you take a moment to hop around and see what everyone's been up to.



  1. Wow, I'm super excited! I literally never win anything.

    I haven't made this bread yet, but it sounds so good! Did you think the flavor was strong enough? Also, we grill halloumi and top it with honey for an appetizer. Yum!

  2. Thank you for posting this Kibbeh recipe! I bought some bulgur wheat a while back for a recipe and have been wondering how I was going to use it up...now I know! I'm going to try it as a meatloaf for dinner this evening.

    I have to say that those buns look wonderful! Is there a link that I could go to for that recipe?

  3. I saw your post over at the Hearth and Soul Bloghop and was so excited to see Kibbeh and Tabbouleh! My husband is Lebanese and I love seeing people exploring the cuisine. It is not mainstream, but so delicious!

  4. OK, so I'm backwards, but you've piqued my curiosity with the bread ... the next time I have leftover bulghar form making tabouli or kufte, or cooking it like pilaf, I'll have to give this a try! ;) Just FYI, when it comes to bulghar, "size matters." If you try it in something and don't like it or think it's too dry, you might just have a coarse version, so look for a lower # next time or quickly pulse it in your food processor. :)

  5. This burger is BEYOND delicious! I didn't have the kind of cheese on hand that you mentioned, so I just sliced some fresh mozzarella and used a little Ranch dressing...WOW! I love the nutty taste! Thanks so much for sharing this recipe!

    If the buns are as wonderful as the burgers then I'd definitely want the recipe.

  6. I have never heard of kibbeh but WOW does it look delicious as a burger. And your rolls look amazing. Thanks for linking this to the hearth and soul hop!

  7. better late than never is DEFINITELY an awesome motto when it comes to this bread! I love the flavors of tabbouleh and it is definitely perfect with your kibbeh burger.

  8. This is one of my favorite breads. Thanks for the kibbeh recipe. We like bulgur just cooked as a side. (I use a rice cooker but it can be done stovetop too.)

  9. Wow, I think the whole thing sounds amazing...from the bread to the burger! I probably would wait until after my family ate to tell them what they were eating, as well... I mean, come on...otherwise they would get something set in their silly heads and miss out ;) LOL! Thanks for sharing this with the hearth and soul hop this week, Dani :D

  10. p.s...we made halloumi over at Forging Fromage a few months back...another pretty easy one....and I LOOOOVE it!

  11. Your rolls look great! I really liked this bread. Thanks for the recipe, I have extra bulgur that I'm not sure how to use. . . well now I do!

  12. Glad you enjoyed the Tabbouleh Bread, it sure made gorgeous buns! And your crumb looks absolutely perfect!


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