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Monday, September 6, 2010

Combo Plate.....

Dinner was the result of several things all coming together.

1. I received some samples of these incredible eco friendly disposable Palm Leaf Plates from MarxFoods.com
2. I finely got the chance to use my Emerilware Cast Iron 20" Reversible Grill/Griddle that I used part of the CSNStores.com $100 Gift Certificate on when I won the GiveAway over at BigBlackDogs.net (Thank you Michelle!!!!)
3. Thin cut flank steak was on sale at Vallarta (our local mexican market)
4. Tortillas are so easy and fun to make

The combination of all those things made for a delicious dinner that was extra fun to make. You know what its like when you get to use new stuff, right?

Lets start from the beginning....

Flank steak. (or skirt steak can be used. They are very similar and come from the same area of the cow. I believe I've used both when making fajitas). You gotta love a a sale. So I picked up about 3 lbs of meat and instantly put that baby in a baggy with some incredible seasoning that I have (also from the mexican market).

When making fajitas, this is the best seasoning out there (that this gringo knows of). The only bummer is that it's loaded with MSG so I don't use it often. But I put 2 teaspoons per pound of meat along with the juice of 1/2 an orange per pound.....some sliced onion, and a handful of cilantro in a zip lock baggy and let it slosh around and get all soaked and happy for several hours (or even a couple of days).

I mixed up a small batch of corn tortillas and got to cook them on my new grill/griddle. Check this monster out

I love how big it is. I love how sturdy it is. (it is heavy but what cast iron "anything", isn't?). And do you see the space between the "grills"? Makes for easy cleaning...let me tell you! Helps to be able to fit your finger and sponge in between....you know?

And I could grill 2 tortillas at once...so it only took a few minutes to make 8 tortillas

Once those were done, I sauteed some onions and bell peppers, (keeping the tortillas warm in a cotton towel), crumbled my queso fresco ranchero cheese and chopped up the cilantro

I flipped over my handy dandy griddle and used the grill side for my fajita meat

I've got grill marks baby!!!!

I love this meat. I could (and have been known to) stand in the kitchen just tearing off pieces of carne asada, and eating. All by itself. Nothing else for dinner...just these tasty bits of yumminess.

Now....a while back, I received a set of 5 disposable bowls and plates made from palm leaves by MarxFoods.com.

I had seen them advertised and thought they were pretty darn cool in a funky way, yet at the same time....classy.

Because they're made with palm leaves, each plate is different.  They're so..."island" like. Makes you want to have a Luau. And thats exactly what I wanted to do to show them off....only it didn't happen (life stuff sometimes messes with foodie plans). They're sturdy and durable. When I first got them I had used the bowls for a salad...and drowned my salad in dressing just to "test" the bowl. It passed with flying colors (see my HBin5 Gluten Free Cheddar Sesame Bread and Palm Plates post). No leaks, no bending or folding....no mess.

Marx Foods has a huge variety of Palm Plates (and cutlery) to choose from...various sizes, shapes, etc. Only they're a bit pricey for my pocketbook. But that's the only thing keeping me from placing an order. They appeal to me on so many different levels. Not just the aesthetic appeal, but the eco friendly benefits. Palm leaves. Ones that have fallen naturally from the palm trees. Not paper from chopped down trees. Or plastic...(we won't even go there with that mess). And....these are biodegradable. Mine are now in my compost bin. That makes me feel really good!

Oh, but I have to say one thing.....I don't think they really like going in the microwave. My bowl grew a bubble...a big huge bubble. Then it disappear real quick.....as soon as I opened the microwave door. Almost like it had been caught and was trying hide what it was doing. (the little stinker). In the bowls defense....it had been sitting in the fridge over night with veggies on it...so maybe it was a reaction to being "moist"?
Anyways....tortillas are made, carne asada has been grilled, fun fancy schmancy disposable plates are out....

And dinner is served.....

Chow down. Feel good about what you're eating and what you're eating it on.


  1. Wow awesome yummyness!! I love that grill/griddle! I love those plates too!!

  2. Love the carne asada. MSG triggers migraines for me but I love the seasoning. Wish I had that Grill!

  3. They look delicious and are perfect this of year with the football games. Cool plates and grill also!

  4. You are right, everything must have really come together, this looks fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh man, that looks awesome! Love the grill thing too.

  6. Very nice combo dinner! Fajitas are one of my favorite meals, I have to be careful to not serve them more than once a month and get everyone tired of them. Those plates are awesome.

  7. Goodness gracious, deliciousness! I wish I could get grill marks like that on my pan.. maybe I should get a new one. :)

  8. Aw yeah...you know this is totally my kinda food!! I actually have a post that looks very similar to this waiting in draft for me to put words to pictures, LOL!!! That's one of my favorite summer meals on the grill =)


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