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Monday, April 26, 2010

Controversial Corn Fritters

The title said Corn Fritters.

The readers cried Hush Puppies.

Accusations of Fried Cornbread were flying.

All this over one little ole Paula Deen recipe over at Food Network. Granted, it got a 4 star rating...

I don't know about you, but I just love Paula Deen. Aside from her recipes and love for butter, I just think she's precious. Maybe its due to my ties to the south...and my love for all things southern. Maybe it's because she reminds me of what I call "home", even though I never actually lived there, but it's where my family is...or maybe it's all of the above.

Anyways, I stumbled up Paula Deen's Corn Fritters and decided to make them. I love corn fritters. I've never made them. And just so ya know, I've never made hush puppies either. So when I read through some of the reviews....well, I figured they'd be worth it, no matter what you wanna call 'em.

I did make several changes....there were a few reader complaints about lack of flavor, several about the consistency  and well.....the rest were either raves or debated about what they actually were. One or two people whined that they tasted like fried cornbread. Well, DUH!!! The ingredients are pretty much the same, aren't they? What did they expect?


Oh...and before I go any further, I just wanna say...I'm still on the hunt for a really good Corn Fritter recipe. I want the kind that you find at the restaurants....the ones that are crispy on the outside and are like gooey creamed corn on the inside.

Got one you wanna share?
(said in her best Bartles and James impersonation) Thank you for your support!

Controversial Corn Fritters
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1 1/4 cups cornmeal
1 1/4 cups self-rising flour
1/3 cup sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1 teaspoon creole seasoning
1 cup buttermilk
1 large egg
1/4 cup melted butter
1 15.25 oz can whole corn, drained
1/3 cup finely chopped onions
Vegetable oil for frying

Heat at least 2" worth of vegetable oil in a heavy pot such as a dutch oven to 325'F

In a medium sized bowl, combine the dry ingredients: cornmeal, flour, sugar, salt, garlic powder and creole seasoning
In a small bowl, combine the buttermilk and egg. Add the milk mixture to the flour mixture and mix the two mixtures until mixed well (hee hee...how many times can you use "mix" or a derivative there of, in a sentence) (sorry, I just couldn't help myself)

Stir in the melted butter, corn and onions.

Drop the dough into the hot oil by tablespoons. Don't over crowd them...you don't want the oil to cool off too much or you'll end up with wads of greasy cornbread that isn't cooked in the middle.

You want to cook them for about 2 - 4 minutes, turning once, until golden brown

Can you say.....Crispaaaaaaaay!

Drain them on a paper towel. If you like 'em salty, now would be the time to sprinkle salt on them, while they're still hot.

Then get a plate and serve up a few of these wonderfully flavored, arterycloggingbutyoudon'tcare, little morsels of southern goodness.

Call 'em what you want, but all I can say is....Mmmmm Mmmmm Good! 

Oh man...and I just thought of something...imagine these puppies....errrr....fritters, with chunks of jalapenos and cheese! 

Now THAT would be pretty damn good. Southwestern Fritters, Here I COME!!!


  1. I bet they would be extra good with some jalopenos! And of course, cheese!

  2. Oh my goodness, I think I could make an entire meal out of those! They look so good no matter what they're called ;)

  3. Yummy! -- I live in Georgia and the local restaurants here call "the ones that are crispy on the outside and are like gooey creamed corn on the inside"...Sweet Corn Nuggets. I googled for a recipe and this link looks like a good starting point with several variations listed to the same question that you're asking. Please post your winner!!! =) Happy Cooking, Aly http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20070715131324AAaa2DA

  4. I did a recipe for a shrimp fritter that uses rum... makes for a soft inside.

    I vote hushpuppies, but that's mostly because of the size, make em flatter and they look like corn bread cakes

  5. That looks great! SO what are they exactly? Are they fried cornbread because that sounds pretty good to me! LOL

  6. These really do sound good. I think jalapeno and cheese would be a great addition as well. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  7. Hm, I always thought hushpuppies basically were fried corn bread. But what do I know, I couldn't be more Yankee. :D

    They look awesome, no matter what you want to call 'em.

  8. I LOVE hush puppies. I live in the southwest but I love fried corn bread. I'm going to have to try these at home.

  9. I've had very good luck with Paula Deen's recipes and I've made some of her son's recipes too which were wonderful.

    I like fritters and whenever we travel to the south, I can't seem to get enough of 'em!

  10. Looks like all of your commenters have the same idea as I do with the cheese and jalapenos. These look delicious but would be even better kicked up with some of your favorite spices.

  11. I could eat a plateful of these UFO's (Unidentified Frying Objects), lol

  12. I call them hushpuppies...but whatever they are called I love them!

  13. Hey Danielle! This is your sisters coworker and BFF..Nycki :-) I am OBSESSED with your blog! YOu inspire! You need to think about writing a cookbook!
    I sit here at work going through all your posts and by the time I get home, I'm ready to eat everything in site! haha! Thanks for doing this blog! Can't wait until the next recipe!

  14. These look excellent! Nice and crispy. A mix between fritter and puppy! I have a corn fritter recipe but their doughy in the middle.

  15. These look perfect, but I know what you mean about the ones with the creamy centers. I think my mom has my great grandmother's recipe for those somewhere...I'll have to look it up!

  16. Personally, I don;t care what ya call em. Just pass me some of them thar things so I can get ta eatin em! LOL

  17. Who cares what you call them, they look great! Yay, Paula. I wish I hadn't seen her make the deep fried cupcakes, though.

  18. Wow, I love Paula Deen's recipes. These look great. Will have to try it!

  19. Paula Deen is a hoot. You are such a hoot too with all of that mixing of the mix!! I've never made fritters or hush puppies but I have eaten them and I do love 'em!

  20. Personally, I say who cares what they're called so long as they taste good! And these definitely fit the bill. I am also a cornbread addict. So you know. This seems kind of like love to me.

    Paula Deen is hysterical! She is almost like a caricature. I love watching her.

  21. I've made a LOT of cornbread in my day. And yes, I put corn in my grandmother's recipe. Is there really a difference between fried cornbread and hushpuppies? I think it's what you serve it with. Hushpuppies are for barbecue (eastern-n.c. style only, please) or fried fish! Regardless these look lip-smacking!

  22. Must try putting powdered sugar on top. I know it sounds so weird but, it is magically fantastic!

  23. Pam - I can't wait to "alter" them some more! :)

    Savoring - When I made these, I ate so many of them that by the time dinner was ready, I was stuffed! So basically, I did make a meal out of them LOL

    Aly - Thank you SO much!!! I'm going to be making Sweet Corn Nuggets in the very near future

    Dave - rum would be an interesting (and fun) addition

    Michele - I think they're corn fritters. And they are soooo damn good!

    Mary - Thank you! You are so sweet :)

    Bob - haha...ya, you are a yankee!

    Bonnie - So they're hush puppies then? Oh shoot, I'm so confused LOL

    Michelle - I don't think I've tried any of Paula's son's recipes. Thanks for the heads up :)

    Bridgett - Oooh, I have a whole list of possible spices and additions besides just the cheese and jalapenos (shhhh, don't give away my secrets yet LOL)

    Chris - LMAO!!! UFO!! Love it!

    Bo - I wonder if hushpuppies vs corn fritters is a regional thing. hmmm

    NYCKI!!! - I think we've talked on the phone a time or two when Jen was playing hookie from work! hahaha. I'm so glad you're enjoying my blog. And I hear that I have redeemed myself with this post (as opposed to all the Haitian stuff I was doing) LMAO!!!

    Cinn Girl - gotta love that crispiness!! I swear, anything crispy just tastes better haha

    Barefoot Belle - Ooooh, a great grandmother recipe? Do share!!! Those recipes are the BEST!!

    Shane - Does your mom or grandmother have a recipe?

    Cathy - ROFL!! Omg..I know what you mean! I saw her deep fry a CAKE!! It was crazy. I ended up making the cake, minus the deep frying and it was really good!

    Sook - I hope you like them :)

    Ungourmet - haha....I was wondering if anyone was going to notice my mixing of the mix LOL

    Joanne - if you're gonna be an addict...cornbread is the way to go! haha

    Abby - ya, I don't think there's really a difference other than the method that its cook....all in all, it's all good!

    Anonymous - I think I saw that somewhere! I bet it would be wonderful!! I mean, people eat cornbread with honey butter, so why not a dusting of powdered sugar! :D

  24. my idea of corn fritters are little flat, kernel-full pancakes, but in the end, who cares? this is corn and batter being fried--how can one possibly resist? :)


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