Yum Peaceful Cooking: The Simplest Creamed Corn You Just Might Ever Make

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Simplest Creamed Corn You Just Might Ever Make

Creamed corn. What does this mean to you?

Is the corn made with cream?

Or do you cream the corn?

When I called my grandmother to ask her how she makes it I was surprised that there was no cream in her recipe at all.

So what makes it so creamy? Corn juices!!! (and butter....love me some butter)

This is such a simple recipe and tastes great. The most time consuming part is cutting the corn off the cob without taking too much off initially. But you know what? It's really worth it. I don't think I've ever bought frozen or canned creamed corn.

Ya I know it's not corn season in the U.S. But if you have a hankering for it or can't have a particular dish without it, you just might be able to find it in your market. It won't be as juicy as your summer corn but it works. This particular time, I needed it. I can't have black-eyed peas, fried chicken and fried okra without creamed corn. So I suffered through the slightly dryer winter-available corn.

I got 4 ears. Husked and washed em and tried my best to get all the silk off. Does anyone have a good way to easily clean corn?

Then I cut the corn off the cob but just touching the edges of the corn...I don't go all the way to the husk.

If this had been a summer corn on the cob...their would be juice all over the place.

Then I stand the cob on end and run the knife up and down and all around the cob. Turn it over and stand on the other end and do it again...getting as much of those juices out

Ya...these pour pitiful winter cobs are just not giving it up. But thats ok....it's better than nothing

Put it all in a pan, add a bit of sugar..maybe a teaspoon or so.  Then add about 1 tablespoon of butter or so, per ear (sometimes I even add a little garlic....YUM!)

I wait until after it's cooked before adding salt or pepper. (salt makes corn tough when cooked with it) Cook over medium heat for about 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.

If needed...get out your tater masher

Look...it's creamy. And no cream was added. Just corn and corn juice. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

If you remember my New Years meal....this dish was part of it :)


  1. Looks good..funny I have that exact knife..is it henckels?...I love santuko style knives

  2. Yum! I love creamed corn, but hate the canned stuff. Who knew it was so easy?

  3. I love creamed corn too. I'll have to try this recipe, I like that you didn't add cream.

  4. Yummy, yummy corn. You're right, it's so creamy I'd sweep my plate in no time.

  5. I love how simple this is to make. Ill have to try it, bet my children would gobble it down as well..

  6. It is messy to cut corn off of the cob. Great creamed corn...a comfort food for sure.

  7. I am so impressed at the simplicity of this. I absolutely love creamed corn. What a great take on the usual heavy, cream laden side dish.

  8. Never would have thought it could be so creamy without cream! My father used to love creamed corn- but mother used cream in hers.
    Can't wait to try this!

  9. Awesome. Creamed corn is the bomb, even when it doesn't have cream.

  10. We don't use cream either, just a little butter.

  11. Matt - I have no idea what kind of knife I got. It was from "Santa" and didn't have a brand name on it. For all I know it could've been one of the ones sold at the grocery store LOL

    Cathy - I know...that canned stuff is yuck (funny, I liked it when i was a kid)

    Fresh - I wonder if it's any "lighter" than the cream kind with all the butter I put in it LOL

    Dajana and Debbie - hope you get a chance to try it :)

    Sam - you're right, it is a comfort food. Funny how very few side dishes are labeled as such

    Bridgett - It doesn't get much simpler does it? and its so good...you get all that corn flavor

    Barbara - Let me know how you like it

    Bob - :)

    Chris - Yeah! someone who does it the same way. I was beginning to think I was a complete oddball

  12. I love cream corn. That looks delicious. Just like my Mother makes.

  13. I love creamed corn but I'm the only one in my family that does! But I've never made creamed corn before...hmmmm something new I need to try!


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