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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Salubrious Sunday of a Different Color - Lucky #7


Do any of you wives (or girlfriends) know what happens when the other half goes shopping with you? Not only do you have to "speed things up", but your cart fills up a lot faster and your receipt is a lot longer and your bill a lot higher.

Lately my husband, lets call him...I dunno....Sir Sportsalot due to his unending knowledge and interest in sports. Well lately Sir Sportsalot has been talking to his co-workers about grilling ideas, seasoning, and technique. I should've known something was up when he wanted to go grocery shopping with me on Saturday.

He had a plan that I was not aware of...yet.

Sir Sportsalot wanted to grill chicken on Sunday and was really excited about using this highly recommended Pollo Seasoning. (I don't have as much faith in his co-workers as he does). Of course I had other ideas for Sunday dinner and wanted to stick to my Salubrious theme and I almost protested. A LOT! Especially after finding out that MSG was the 3rd....yes THIRD ingredient in the coveted Photobucketseasoning.

But...I shut my mouth (he tossed the seasoning in the cart) and thought about it for a while (a very rare occurrence, let me assure you). I did tell him about the MSG and a few of the awful things about it once we got home. And left it alone again before things heated up. Don't worry gals, I'm not trying to start a new trend here...we're all safe and can continue educating our men in the ways of life and all things important to us. I seriously doubt this will become a habit of mine. The only time my mouth is ever shut is when I'm sleeping (I think).

What I did do was decide that I'd let Sir Sportsalot make his chicken how he wanted. I didn't want to discourage him from helping with the meals and squish his newly budding interest and crumb too much on his co-workers.

And because of that, this week the intended meaning of Salubrious Sunday took a slight twist....I opted for a healthy home life rather than exerting my rights as the mom and head of the kitchen and getting my way. Even though the meal contained some MSG, and a bit more butter than usual....it was excellent and everyone enjoyed it. No stress, no worries.

Salubriousness was achieved. Photobucket

We had:
Chicken Quesadillas
Green Chili Cream Corn
Sliced avocado and tomato garnished with queso fresco

We started off with 2 chicken breasts that I butterflied for quick and even cooking. Sir Sportsalot sprinkled the MSG ridden...errr, I mean Pollo Seasoning liberally on both sides of the chicken


While the coals were heating and he was grilling I cut the corn off the cob.....


I didn't cut all the way to the cob. I left a lot of the corn on there so I could then scrape the cob with my knife...


thus extracting all that milky corn juiciness which makes cream corn what it is. Nope, I have never added cream or milk to my cream corn. This is how my grandmother makes it in the south and I figure she knows best.

Just know in advance that it makes a bit of a mess.....corn stuff gets splattered everywhere. Its worth it though, so its all good, right?

For every ear of corn you "cream", melt 1 tablespoon of butter in a pan. Add the corn and a bit of sugar (teaspoon maybe?)


I like to add a little minced garlic to my corn. And if its a little chunkier than you prefer....dont hesitate to grab that potato masher and smooth it out a little.

Cover and cook over low heat until tender, about 15 minutes

Cream corn didn't really seem to go with the theme of our dinner so I grabbed a small can of diced green peppers and threw those in. Photobucket So glad I did. It really helped to bring it all together.

I then sauteed some red onions and mushrooms


Got out my favorite tortillas and prepared the avocado and cheeses


And tomatoes (I'll have you know that the sliced tomato came fresh from my neighbors garden

Sir Sportsalot brought in his pride and joy....


At this point I don't know what happened. I think his buddy came over, we all got distracted and I just did the rest of dinner without my camera.....what was I thinking??

I spose I'll just have to tell you about it. I took a tortilla, sprinkled cheese on one half. Sliced the chicken and put some over the cheese, then added the mushrooms and onions and more cheese...folded.....grilled! The best quesadilla ever!

A little green chili cream corn on the side with a couple slices of tomatoes and avocado with some queso fresco sprinkled on top....heaven!!



  1. Absolutely beautiful meal! I love how you make your cream corn. I can't stand the stuff in a can.

  2. The chicken looks awesome! Maybe you can figure out what the individual seasonings are and make it yourself without the msg. I know you can do it! Oh and don't ever discourage the man from helping, you could always have salubrious monday!

  3. I totally here ya on the grocery store trip. Been there. (Sir Sportsalot HA! funny stuff) Oh and hey, I use MSG once in awhile, it's not so bad. Give the poor guy a break LOL

  4. Hey, when I go to the store with my girlfriend we spend less money! That looks great, even with the msg. ;)

  5. Cathy - I know, that canned stuff is nasty.

    Michele - Maybe someday I can have my man do a guest post (you'll have to give me some nagging tips LOL)

    DD - I know just about everything from the stores and restaurants have MSG but its one of those things I try to avoid when I can especially on Salubrious Sunday LOL but you know, it sure makes the food taste good don't it haha

    Bob - you're just an enigma haha (j/k) now pass me one of those brownies you have on your pic :)

  6. At least it was a successful dinner. I had my husband and a friend grill on Sunday, you don't even want to know what they did to poor pork tenderloin!

  7. cream corn is my new best friend

  8. I was reading your post... I have to stop in the middle of it because I was hungry... and here I am, I just ate. :)
    In other words, your post made me hungry. This looks yummy. :)

  9. LOL @ Dajana...I'd love to hear about what that poor tenderloin went through (put it this way...I don't let my husband grill those babies anymore HAHAHA)

    Hey Doggy - Nice to see you here again :). Cream corn is awesome!! You should really try it with the green chilies...seriously good stuff. Let me know what you think if you do

    Hi Grace - Nice to meet you. Looks like I did my job well if it made you hungry ;)

  10. well, first of all, salubrious is just a fantastic and underused word. secondly, this is one of the most stellar meals i can imagine—i’d savor every aspect of it! chiles, corn, chicken, avocado. love.

  11. That chicken looks fantastic!The dinner sounds delicious.

  12. Ok, I'm glad I found your blog by accident. I might have to hang out for a while and snag a few recipes...errr...I mean "learn a trick or two from you" :)

    Have a great weekend.

  13. Grace - Nice to know that someone else realizes how cool of a word salubrious is :).

    Erica - i wish you could've tasted it...it really was "just what the dr. ordered" ...hit the spot!

    Chris - Im glad you found my blog...help yourself to what ever recipes your little heart desires. Love your blog btw.

  14. Wow...now this is a meal!!! I think it'd be good w/ the corn right inside that quesadilla...MmMmMmMmM!!! (Did you neighbor know the tomato came from their garden?

  15. Mmm, love quesadillas. Today I'll be making some with leftover kalua pork from our Hawaiian BBQ. My husband comes grocery shopping with me and it totally helps me stick to my list and spend less!

  16. Girli - I hope the neighbor knows the tomato came from her garden. Shes the one who offered it to me...but hten again, she's pushing 90, guess that answer could be up in the air ..LMAO!! (j.k bless my neighbor, she's like a grandma to me and I love her to death!!) And ya...that corn would've been really good in there....why didn't I think of that? (duh)

    Diana - oh man...that hawaiian pork would make some killer quesadillas!! I'd much rather have YOUR dinner than the boring salad I'm making tonight.

  17. YUM!!! This is right up my alley!


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